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Mario Kart Inspired build: Exploring Cecilie Fritzvold’s LEGO Creations

Crafted by LEGO builder Cecilie Fritzvold, the ‘Baby Mario Kart’ build stands as a testament to imaginative construction and clever design. Inspired by the beloved video game franchise, this creation showcases remarkable attention to detail and inventive techniques. One striking feature of this build is its unconventional base construction. Rather than being built upright, the entire scene is cleverly crafted on its side, adding a dynamic element to the display. Each kart within the scene is meticulously designed, employing unique building techniques to convey a sense of action and motion, even when at rest. The ‘Baby Mario Kart’ build is a testament to Fritzvold’s creative prowess and technical skill within the realm of LEGO construction. With each new creation, she continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with these iconic bricks, leaving fans eagerly anticipating her next innovative masterpiece. Have a look at some of her creations in the Cecilie Fritzvold archives.

Baby Mario Kart

The entire world of Mario Kart just got shrunk by lightning

With the exciting news of the forthcoming LEGO and Nintendo Super Mario partnership, we should expect to see a bunch of LEGO creations imagining what some of the forthcoming sets might look like beyond those revealed in the press release. BenBuildsLego is off the starting grid early, with this wonderful idea — an Architecture-style line up of iconic tracks from the classic racing game Mario Kart 64. We’ve got six tracks, each immediately recognizable just from a tiny seven-brick-wide segment: Koopa Troopa Beach, Mario Raceway, Bowser’s Castle, Sherbet Land, Wario Stadium, and of course, Rainbow Road. If you didn’t start humming the tunes for each of those as you read through the list, are you even a real Mario fan?

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