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Tatooine is shown through the ages in this Star Wars skyline build

This fantastic digital display by BenBuildsLego depicts some classic locations from the Star Wars movies and is built in the style of the skyline architecture sets. Starting from the left, podracers are zipping past the stands, which have seats represented by tiled slope pieces (AKA Cheese Graters). This is followed by the Lars’ family homestead, with a Sandcrawler looming in the background and even an adorable version of Luke’s speeder. Jabba’s domed palace stands on a rocky cliff face, with a barrel piece portraying the building’s round base. Finally, Jabba’s sail barge hovers over the tentacles of the Sarlacc pit, ready to drop prisoners into the horror below.

LEGO Tatooine Skyline (Update)

That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown…merchandise

Ever since 1965, the world has delighted in watching Charlie Brown grapple with the commercialization of the Christmas holiday. And then we turn around and spend our money on A Charlie Brown Christmas merchandise in a manner that would make ol’ Chuck wonder if we were paying any attention at all. There’s the Blu-ray, the music album, an official board game, greeting cards, ornaments, nutcrackers, artificial trees, t-shirts, sweaters… It seems A Charlie Brown Christmas has been licensed out to just about every product imaginable. Except for LEGO. But BenBuildsLEGO has answered my Christmas wishes by delivering a trio of minifig-scale prop builds from the holiday special.

LEGO Charlie Brown Christmas

Schroeder’s piano, Snoopy’s doghouse, and Charlie Brown’s sad little Christmas tree are all instantly recognizable, and I couldn’t imagine an official set looking any better. Some of the pieces here are kind of rare, like the medium azure life preserver acting as Linus’s blanket at the base of the tree. But if you’re decorating your LEGO city for Christmas, they’ll be worth tracking down. And don’t feel bad for dropping the money on some new LEGO pieces for your holiday celebration. Let’s face it, we all know that Christmas is a big commercial racket. (It’s run by a big eastern syndicate, you know.)

The entire world of Mario Kart just got shrunk by lightning

With the exciting news of the forthcoming LEGO and Nintendo Super Mario partnership, we should expect to see a bunch of LEGO creations imagining what some of the forthcoming sets might look like beyond those revealed in the press release. BenBuildsLego is off the starting grid early, with this wonderful idea — an Architecture-style line up of iconic tracks from the classic racing game Mario Kart 64. We’ve got six tracks, each immediately recognizable just from a tiny seven-brick-wide segment: Koopa Troopa Beach, Mario Raceway, Bowser’s Castle, Sherbet Land, Wario Stadium, and of course, Rainbow Road. If you didn’t start humming the tunes for each of those as you read through the list, are you even a real Mario fan?

LEGO Mario Kart Nintendo