Enjoying the fruits of one’s labour

After a long day’s work, some people might like to reward themselves with a drink of, er, grape juice. But sometimes, making the grape juiceĀ is the long day’s work! This is the lesson Martin Gebert‘s LEGO diorama teaches us. Partly, that is down to its content as it depicts how wine was made back in Antiquity. The grapes are picked, then crushed, then the juice is transferred to a storehouse to ferment into wine. But it’s also a lesson in teamwork. There’s a small team of minifigures at work here, and indeed Martin is part of a team himself! This diorama is part of an enormous collaboration that appeared at Bricking Bavaria, in Germany, last week. And although we can’t taste the wine (or grape juice) made here, we can still enjoy the fruits of Martin’s labour!

A Fruitful Epoch

2 comments on “Enjoying the fruits of one’s labour

  1. Martin Gebert

    Such kind words for this product of indeed hard, week-long labour move me. Thanks so much for the feature and the great interpretation! I appreciate it!

  2. hntrains

    It’s good – it’s rare – to see a creator get here and bother to write a response.
    I thought from the very beginning about the amount of work which must have got into this build and appreciated it despite the fact that the colour combination is not my thing; the details are great.

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