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LEGO Wall-E blasts his way into our hearts

For a movie with very little dialog in the first half, the Disney movie Wall-E had a great story and even greater characters. In this scene by Martin Gebert the love-sick little garbage mashing robot with a heart of gold makes a romantic attempt to get back to Eve using a fire extinguisher for propulsion. The cloud element first seen in the LEGO Monkie Kid theme is the perfect part for the foamy burst. Combined with the lumpy ice cream pieces, they connect to larger clouds made with a variety of radar dishes and other rounded elements. Chromed dishes give Wall-E his wide-eyed expression.

Lost In Space

Microscale Wall-e watches the skies waiting for a shooting star to wish upon [Instructions]

When it comes to robots that warm our hearts, it’s hard to think of one more endearing than Wall-e, the hard-working, dedicated hero from the movie that bears his name. Working hard to clean up our mess while we humans cruise the galaxy in comfort and style. If you would like to have a tiny Wall-e to keep you company while you work from home, follow along with KosBrick to assemble one of your own.

LEGO Mini Wall-E (Tutorial)

Build one of your own with this instructions video

Cleaning up the world with LEGO Mini Wall-E

We have featured many, many versions of Wall-E over the years, including Angus MacLane‘s success on Ideas, resulting in 21303 Wall-E. To say we’re big fans of this adorable little robot might just be an understatement.

It’s no surprise that we found tastenmann77‘s mini-Wall-e to be perfectly adorable. I particularly love how expressive the eye bits still manage to be at this tiny scale! It’s completely recognizable.

Lego Mini WALL·E

Lego Mini WALL·E Size Comparison

Exclusive review of LEGO Ideas Wall•E set designed by Angus MacLane [Review]

Last July, the LEGO Wall-E designed by Pixar director/animator Angus MacLane achieved 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas, and its approval as an upcoming official set was announced in February. LEGO officially unveiled the set just yesterday, but thanks to the good people of Billund, we already have a copy of the set for a hands on review!

Spoiler alert: Wall•E is a a fantastic model with some great building techniques, lots of parts in an unusual color, and quite a good value for the money. I expect strong popularity from the subject matter alone, so I strongly recommend you pick up your LEGO Wall•E while supplies last.

Read the full review after the jump!

LEGO official Wall•E set finally revealed [News]

LEGO has raised the curtain on its latest set, 21303 Wall•E. This is our first official glimpse of the finished product since an official Wall•E set was announced over a year ago, and we’re excited to bring our readers a full hands-on review of this set tomorrow!

21303 Wall•E

LEGO Ideas member MacLane is an animator and director at Pixar Animation Studios, and built his original WALL•E model around the same time the character was being built digitally at Pixar in late 2005. Since then, Angus has refined his model, most recently by collaborating with LEGO Designer Steen Sig Andersen and WALL•E director Andrew Stanton to bring the official LEGO Ideas version to life.
You’ll be able to purchase your own WALL•E starting September 1, for a recommended retail price of $49.99 / EUR 49,99.

You can read the rest of the press release over at the LEGO Ideas blog.

BURN•E changes the lights

Our very own Simon Liu just built the cutest little BURN•E and I had to post him. He is instantly recognizable and the stickering makes him nearly perfect. I want him here, changing lights in my house.


Angus MacLane’s Wall-E achieves 10K supporters on LEGO Ideas [News]

Earlier today, Angus MacLane‘s LEGO Wall-E model achieved 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas.


I’ve commented before about how way too many projects on LEGO CUUSOO/Ideas aren’t based on ideas associated in any way with the person who initiated the project. This one’s different. As long-time readers will recall from our interview with Angus MacLane back in 2008, Angus works at Pixar and was the Lead Animator for Wall-E. Given Angus’s close association with Pixar and the source material, I’m very hopeful that this wonderful model will end up as a future LEGO set.

Good luck during the review process, Angus!

WALL-E, WALL-E and another WALL-E

It’s not the first time we’ve blogged a WALL-E, and it probably won’t be our last either. After a slight diversion with BURN-E in Nov, the movie’s adorable main character is back this week as three different builders given us their take on this little fella:

First up, is the largest from David Hensel (Legonardo Davidy):

Evan (Lego Junkie) chimes in with his mini version:

And finally the one that started this week’s WALL-E bandwagon, Tyler (Legohaulic) gives us his rendition:
Space Dance

And a bonus link – Evan also has a fun Microbe Obliterator; M-O to clean up after his WALL-E.

Harrison’s LEGO Wall-E looks skyward

Harrison (corran101) says he’s had his Wall-E lying around for quite a while. This tiny diorama illustrates the continuing emotive power of Wall-E. The rundown robot in the background totally makes this, with a rusted patch and broken eye.


And don’t miss those tread marks behind Harrison’s LEGO Wall-E. Well worth the wait, I think.


QuéLUG member Marc-André (aka Bazmati/Bazmarc) has built a fully automated Wall-E using LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT and Power Functions:

I love the movement on Wall-E’s expressive eyes.

Thanks to reader William for the tip!

LEGO Wall-E roundup #2

Even though Pixar’s Wall-E didn’t dominate the box office this past weekend, our lovable robotic hero continues to dominate the hearts and imaginations of LEGO builders.

First up, Wall-E Directing Animator Angus MacLane adds to his collection of LEGO Wall-E models at three different scales. Here’s a mini Wall-E:

Angus’s micro Wall-E has a two-brick cooler, while his nanoscale Wall-E is accompanied by a nanoscale Eve:

Not to be outdone by Mark Sandlin, Chris Giddens gets in some some Wall-E action:

Andrew Lee takes his inspiration from Chris Giddens (with three-brick cooler), while Steve and his son Adam use gears for my favorite Hal so far:

Jimmy may have been the first person to build a LEGO Wall-E (back in February), and his recent vignette depicts Eve zooming around the devastated landscape:

Lindsay Joy‘s Wall-E shows off his dance moves, and Ted Godwin provides instructions for his microscale version:

Finally, the BlueToothKiwi team has posted the inevitable MINDSTORMS NXT version (via MINDSTORMS NXT Review and The NXT STEP):

EDIT: Samus11 gives Wall-E a boot and a cooler (thanks castlebuilder100!):

LEGO Wall-E creations previously featured on The Brothers Brick:

LEGO Wall-E roundup

LEGO fans all over the ‘net love the new Pixar movie Wall-E, and they show their affection for the film with wonderful LEGO creations too numerous to post individually.

First up, Mark Sandlin adds crushing action to his Wall-E:

Aaron Lemay goes super-small with his super-cute Wall-E built from only 11 pieces:

Jordan Schwartz breaks from the mold to build frustrated cleaning robot M-O (“FOREIGN CONTAMINANT!”), along with his own Wall-E:

M-O cleaning bot on Flickr

While other builders go fairly large or very small, the Wall-E that legomocs built works rather well at a mid-sized scale:

Finally, reader Ryan captures Wall-E’s forlorn expression:

Previous LEGO Wall-E love on The Brothers Brick: