Wall-E and friends have never looked cuter in LEGO

For a creature with relatively few humanoid features, Wall-E is a wonderfully expressive character. The same can be true for his robotic co-stars though, such as EVE and M-O.  Lego_nuts has a talent for creating expressive characters, so perhaps it’s no surprise that they’ve treated us to the trio in LEGO form! The three are perfectly crafted, from the protagonist’s more angular, mechanical shapes to EVE’s curvaceous form. The wonder in Wall-E’s eyes at his new green friend is palpable!

Finally I built an EVE with WALL-E and M-O!

The brick-built background is also impressive – an extra detail I always love to see. They’ve done something similar with the scrap heap at Wall-E’s feet in this imitation of the original movie poster. Along with some judicious lighting and editing, this looks absolutely gorgeous!

An upgraded mini WALL-E