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DUPLO dots for days

This LEGO creation by R 194 for me really hits the nostalgia soft spot. The DUPLO I played with was handed down to me by friends of my parents whose kids were a bit older. So the 1994 cat head was part of my DUPLO collection. To me it is such an iconic DUPLO part. It’s from a time where the diversity of bricks was really limited. Including this vintage DUPLO beauty in a LEGO creation looks stunning. It is not the only DUPLO part that gets included. We can spot a roof spire, a red panda head and either Dots or DUPLO cupcake cups. We are looking at a motley crew of musicians and they are all cute as a button. The best thing about this creation is how R 194 created a third big animal head using regular LEGO bricks and it is amazing to see how good it matches the DUPLO heads.

Animal music corps

Medieval skyscrapers are the way to go

Ever wondered what a castle-themed version of Ninjago City would look like? Wonder no more, and just take a closer look at this creation by Tobias Goldschalt. The buildings are larger than life and the Tudor-style homes look very nicely done. Mixing tan and dark tan parts into the white plastered areas really helps with the weathered look. If you look closer, you’ll notice that almost every roof uses a different technique — from straight tiles to pentagonal tiles, from cheese slopes to curved slopes. Variations like this always help keep you, as a viewer, captivated. Every time your eyes zoom across this creation you’ll notice something new. The stone walls are made with two techniques — in some places, the masonry brick gets used, but in others Tobias uses bricks with studs on the sides covered with tiles.

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