Flexing one’s musical LEGO muscles

I recently got my hands on a bunch 0f LEGO flex tubes, but I’m still figuring out what to make with them. Perhaps I should take inspiration from Eero Okkonen? This stylish keyboard player makes great use of them. Said tubes are used as the wiring for the PA system and keyboard, but Eero also shows off his braiding skills by using them as hair. It looks great! And the nice parts use doesn’t stop there. A pair of red fences are cleverly inserted into some Technic quarter-circle gears to make an on-stage monitor. Meanwhile, some Dots pendants are the perfect size for some earrings!

Mathilda Crawatt

4 comments on “Flexing one’s musical LEGO muscles

  1. Eero Okkonen

    Thanks for the blogging! The red parts in the speaker are actually hockey goal nets (48294) and the hair is made of ziplines rather than flex tube; they’re more thin and flexible, but not tubular. Flex tube is impossible to bend like that; It could be possible with older, thin pneumatic hose, but the end hoops of ziplines make them usually easier to connect compactly.


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