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Icon see what you did there: these LEGO versions of Elvis, Freddie, and Michael Jackson are amazing!

When it comes to iconic rock stars, there are few as easily recognizable Elvis, Freddie Mercury, and Michael Jackson. And now, talented builder Dan Ko has taken those memorable personas and transformed them into miniature LEGO statues. These tiny titans combine instant name-recognition with very clever part usage. For example, check out the ingots forming Elvis’ sideburns, the yellow handlebars in Freddie’s jacket, and the white croissants as Mike’s arms – clever stuff!

Music Icons

If you’re interested in building your own set of these, instructions will be available for purchase starting October 15th as part of 2022’s Creations for Charity drive. But while you wait, be sure to check out our archives for more musical goodness

The master of smooth moves

King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is known all over the world for his unique style. From his outfits to his dancing to his unmistakable voice and catchy tunes. He was and still is an icon of popular culture. Today you’ll continue to find him all over the place, even in LEGO models. Taiwanese builder Vakaisme has paid tribute to the musician with one of his most famous dance moves. That moonwalk mechanism is indeed smooth!

Michael Jackson

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Annie are you OK? We’ll never know if Annie was OK

We’ll never know if Annie is doing “OK” despite the few hundred times that Michael Jackson asked the very same question. What we do know is the signature moonwalk move by the King of Pop that’s moulded into our minds decades later. This micro build of the moonwalk in action perfectly angled by the 1×1 tile with clip by Joeri Ridder coupled with the tip of the fedora is the embodiment of how a simple looking dance moves together with the right beats can impact a generation of music.


Zombie dance off is a real thriller

It’s close to midnight, and something evil’s lurking in the dark. It’s LEGO Zombie Michael Jackson, who definitely appears to have the soul for getting down. I spotted one of those red hinges in a brick box and thought it looked a little like a leg. An hour’s building later and Michael appeared, strutting his zombie stuff. It’s a simple model, but I was pleased with the chunky cartoony vibe he’s giving off…
It's close to midnight...
And just in case you missed it previously, Hallowe’en seems like the perfect excuse to remind you about LEGO 7‘s amazing Zombie Michael — a model considerably more complicated than mine! The face and hair are excellent, and I love the overall poseability. Don’t miss that single white glove too — a nice touch (although not strictly correct if we’re being geeks about Thriller-outfit accuracy).

PVZ Michael Jackson

It’s close to midnight, and something evil lurkin’ in the dark...

There were a couple of things about Plants vs Zombies that kept me hooked to the game a little longer than it was probably supposed to – the mesmerizing and never-ending melody and seeing this particular reference to Michael Jackson in zombie form! Builder Hsinwei Chi beautifully captures the in-game version of Michael in full detail, including his signature one-handed white glove. The power of pop culture just makes me want to whip out my mobile device and take it for another spin!

PVZ Michael Jackson

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“There ain’t no second chance against the thing with forty eyes, girl”

If you lived through the 1980’s, this tune from Wacko-Jacko is no doubt indelibly burned in your mind. The mosaic-style video treatment of Thriller by Anette Jung is both unique and mesmerizing, even if it only covers the John Landis directed opening and not the entire song.