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Back in brick

Forty years old this July, and AC/DC’s Back In Black remains the greatest rock album of all time. I’m happy to fight you if you say otherwise. Whatever your opinion on the album, I hope you agree this is a pretty damn good LEGO sculpture of the band’s iconic guitarist Angus Young, captured here in his trademark school uniform by Pedro Vezini. The cap, the skewed tie, the shorts, the socks, the duck-walk stance — all spot-on. But my favorite touch is the face, perfectly capturing Angus’ over-the-top on-stage grimaces. If you’re not hearing hefty riffs in your head right now, then there’s something wrong with you. I prescribe an hour of AC/DC listening as a little pick-me-up.

Angus Young

Annie are you OK? We’ll never know if Annie was OK

We’ll never know if Annie is doing “OK” despite the few hundred times that Michael Jackson asked the very same question. What we do know is the signature moonwalk move by the King of Pop that’s moulded into our minds decades later. This micro build of the moonwalk in action perfectly angled by the 1×1 tile with clip by Joeri Ridder coupled with the tip of the fedora is the embodiment of how a simple looking dance moves together with the right beats can impact a generation of music.


These Hollywood stars love their LEGO minifigures [Feature]

For any hardcore fan of LEGO, having yourself immortalised as an official LEGO minifigure can be the highest honour. But you might think that’s not the case if you’re already famous. On some level, it’s nice to think that the stars of Hollywood are bigger than the branding that’s associated with LEGO and its licenses, but it turns out that no matter how famous you are, it’s still a prestige to be acknowledged and embodied as plastic minifigure that will live for eternity (well, almost that long).

Let’s take a look at some Hollywood Stars who loved to pose with minifigures of themselves, whether official figs from sets or custom fan creations.

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