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These Hollywood stars love their LEGO minifigures [Feature]

For any hardcore fan of LEGO, having yourself immortalised as an official LEGO minifigure can be the highest honour. But you might think that’s not the case if you’re already famous. On some level, it’s nice to think that the stars of Hollywood are bigger than the branding that’s associated with LEGO and its licenses, but it turns out that no matter how famous you are, it’s still a prestige to be acknowledged and embodied as plastic minifigure that will live for eternity (well, almost that long).

Let’s take a look at some Hollywood Stars who loved to pose with minifigures of themselves, whether official figs from sets or custom fan creations.

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We came, we saw, we kicked its bricks!

When there’s something strange in the LEGOhood, who you gonna call? Darren Thew, that’s who! The Ecto 1 has been modeled in LEGO bricks many times before, but Darren takes things to a new level with a massive version of the beloved vehicle from Ghostbusters. He has taken great care in striving for authenticity, from every minute detail on the roof to the use of System and Technic parts to form the curvaceous shape of the retrofitted 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor.

Ghostbusters Ecto1

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A Brief History of Hollywood

Alex Eylar has been putting his film education to good use lately in a series of vignettes depicting the early years of Tinseltown both on-screen and off. As you would expect from an Eylar model, both the lighting and composition of each shot is exemplary. The series is now 15 entries deep with no sign of slowing and these are two of my favorites: Harold Lloyd’s iconic clock scene from 1923’s “Safety Last” and a recreation of the very first Academy Awards ceremony from 1929. The entries include some interesting factoids so if the history of the movies is your bag, be prepared to roll deep into Mr. Eylar’s photostream.

A Brief History of Hollywood

A Brief History of Hollywood