The master of smooth moves

King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is known all over the world for his unique style. From his outfits to his dancing to his unmistakable voice and catchy tunes. He was and still is an icon of popular culture. Today you’ll continue to find him all over the place, even in LEGO models. Taiwanese builder Vakaisme has paid tribute to the musician with one of his most famous dance moves. That moonwalk mechanism is indeed smooth!

Michael Jackson

Wearing his iconic “Billie Jean” outfit, there’s no mistaking this character, even standing still.


Want to see more MJ? We recently featured a tiny version of him wearing the same outfit. And even his Thriller getup has been recreated in LEGO!

5 comments on “The master of smooth moves

  1. Gomek

    Hmmm. Another person who does not have HBO. Listen.. you really, really need get a trial for a month so you can inform yourself about who you are ‘paying tribute’ to.

  2. Marc G

    Look people, was Michael Jackson a very troubled individual? Yes, absolutely. Was he also an absolutely brilliant musical figure and performer? Yes, totally. With all that is going on in the world right now, you can’t find anything better to do than give someone a hard time for recognizing the musical and artistic side of someone? Do you have any idea how many troubled people there are in the world? The only reason people are even aware of his issues is because he lived in the era of social media and because he was so famous all over the world. There have been so many people from all walks of life who have been, or are abusers. Want to know how many of them were abused themselves? Do some additional research on people’s lives besides watching HBO. I am not downplaying what he was accused of, I’m recognizing him for the phenomenal performer that he was and I believe the person who created that lego was doing the same.

  3. BCii

    I’ve looked deeper into the story than watching an HBO documentary. Based on actual information, it doesn’t look like the accusations against him were legit. The media blew it up and he was destroyed professionally. I suspect it had something to do with his plans to expose the real perpetrators at whose hands he himself suffered.

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