A city balancing light and dark

Malaysian Sit Tat Wai is a newcomer to the pages of The Brothers Brick, with a debut that’s equally inspiring by day or night.

Night scene Sitropolis, added 2 new building side

Like many LEGO fans who tinker with projects and city/train layouts over time, perfecting each building piece by piece, “Sitropolis” is his ongoing namesake work-in-progress city. What struck me when I came across the scene on Flickr was the density of the packed streets and the beautiful, copious lighting filling apartment units and adorning buildings, a rainbow of colors, and light warmth changes across the neighborhood. There’s even some backlit store signage.

Latest updated Sitropolis, added 2 building side

If you look closely there are tons of textures to appreciate: there’s a neat white building in the back featuring one of the most exciting building techniques we’ve seen recently.

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