Medieval skyscrapers are the way to go

Ever wondered what a castle-themed version of Ninjago City would look like? Wonder no more, and just take a closer look at this creation by Tobias Goldschalt. The buildings are larger than life and the Tudor-style homes look very nicely done. Mixing tan and dark tan parts into the white plastered areas really helps with the weathered look. If you look closer, you’ll notice that almost every roof uses a different technique — from straight tiles to pentagonal tiles, from cheese slopes to curved slopes. Variations like this always help keep you, as a viewer, captivated. Every time your eyes zoom across this creation you’ll notice something new. The stone walls are made with two techniques — in some places, the masonry brick gets used, but in others Tobias uses bricks with studs on the sides covered with tiles.

Onto the scenery, because there is a lot going on in the busy streets of this Medieval settlement. This must be your lucky day, since there is a band of musicians just traveling through town. There is also a Sorcerer‘s Stand where you can buy all sorts of magic items. It is also great to see the city decorated with a lot of different shields of armor. Maybe they are meant to represent family crests of the people who live there.

Last but not least, I would like to add, and I’ve said this before, sheep are the new goats.

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