A marvelous multilevel mausoleum

We here at TBB are no strangers to the architectural LEGO wonders that spill forth from the mind of Pan Noda. And their latest mausoleum tower is certainly no exception. Clad only in white, the structure looks like it was hand-carved out of soapstone instead of brick-built. Details like the exposed 1×1 plate undersides and square sections of plates set in alternating vertical and horizontal configurations have become a signature of Noda’s work. And new concepts, like the stairstep roof pattern capped with a singular bar set in a hollow stud, fit in perfectly. Taken in its entirety, all of the “imperfections” – the tiny nooks and crannies intentionally added to the creation to break up the solid walls – are only heightened by the superb use of lighting in the photo.

Sculpture Mausoleum

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  1. hntrains

    The build looks excellent. It is totally evocative of the structures we encounter in fantasy literature, which make no sense from an architectural point of view, but are, somehow, seen as emblematic for such worlds.

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