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I’m not sure what this robot is, but I have never known a world without it

Lysander Chau has taken my breath away with this digital rendition of a Macross VF1J Max. I confess to not knowing a ton about the source material this robot hails from, but that doesn’t stop it from being an icon of my childhood. A confusing web of 1980s imports and copyright law put this robot (and others like him) everywhere back in the day – from the The Transformers toy line to knock-offs in Radio Shack and everywhere in-between.

LEGO Macross VF1J Max

Here’s what I do know: This piloted mech can transform from cool looking space-age robot into a modern-style fighter jet, and it can even form a sort of weird minotaur-like GERWALK mode. And Lysander has captured all that functionality and included all the various armor and jump jet add-ons that give the jet mode its distinctive look. And, really, when it looks this cool, does anything else matter?


The house of dreams

Dream houses can come in all shapes and sizes and this LEGO house by Lysander Chau is particularly beautiful! This digital render, though not quite possible given current elements, is well designed and uses some great digital-only capabilities like much of the lighting inside and out. The wooden latticework on the outer walls gives great depth and ties in well with the front door and decking. Geometric house architecture has always been a favorite of mine and this does a great job bridging the gap between ultra-modern angles and everyday comforts. Lysander uses printed tiles from various sources including wooden planks, solar panels, and many more. Would you want to live in this house? Check out all of the images here including a full interior!

LEGO Dream House 1

This bridge will suspend your belief of what’s possible!

At first glance, this beautiful scene of steel, earth, and water looks like a photograph! It owes this to Lysander Chau‘s keen eye and clever LEGO building techniques. Truly, this bridge and the surrounding scenes are made up of nearly 53,000 LEGO pieces! The scenes come from Lysander’s imaginative mind, but the bridge itself is modeled after the Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong. While the build lives in a digital landscape, it still considers the constraints of reality. For example, the weakest part of the bridge, the middle, is supported by the cruise ship’s tallest point. No doubt there’s room inside the cruise ship to add light bricks, or a lighting kit, to make the New Year’s message shine! And that water! It’s rendered with such detail I can almost hear the waves lapping around the boats and land.

LEGO Harbour Bridge

Take a closer look at the details

This giant LEGO Death Star docking bay is large enough to hold the UCS Millennium Falcon.

Docking Bay 327. You might not remember the numerical designation, but you’re almost certainly familiar with the location. It’s the bay aboard the Death Star that the Millennium Falcon is tractor beamed into when our heroes are attempting their heroic rescue of Princess Leia, and it’s the location Luke is in when he sees Obi-Wan cut down by Darth Vader. As parking spots go, it’s one of the most important ones in science fiction history. And now it’s been digitally created by Lysander Chau in a scale suitable to house LEGO’s UCS Millennium Falcon (10179) from 2007. The first thing you’ll register is the sheer size of the model, but this thing is as detailed as it is massive.

LEGO SW Docking Bay 327 - 2021

So slip on your Stormtrooper disguise and click here so we can take a look around.