Winning Star Wars: Dark Forces with the Moldy Crow

In a LEGO Star Wars world of Millennium Falcons, it’s nice when someone shows some love for the lesser-known bird-named ship. I say ship and not ships because I simply couldn’t think of any others. Let us know in the comments if there are any. Anyway, Jan Woźnica has built the Moldy Crow from the Star Wars: Dark Forces game and we’re all as happy as a lark in terms of scale and level of detail implemented in this new creation. Jan tells us this craft is a modified HWK-290 courier ship flown by Jan Ors and Kyle Katarn. Also, if you happen to like your gaming more analog than digital, you can also fly the Moldy Crow in the X-Wing Miniatures tabletop game. Check out why we think Jan Woźnica should be our squad leader and also get your fix for all things Star Wars.

Moldy Crow

2 comments on “Winning Star Wars: Dark Forces with the Moldy Crow

  1. Adam Richards

    Gorgeous. I love seeing how different builders solve the issues involved in the Crow’s very specific angles. This one gets all the important proportions right while keeping it compact, and there’s even some interior to boot! Brilliant work.

  2. Andrew

    Someone ask for more bird ships? There’s the Ebon Hawk from the KOTOR games as well as the Raven’s Claw, from later in the Dark Forces series. For an extra deep cut, there’s the Dusty Duck, which appeared in a deleted scene of The Phantom Menace. There are probably even more in dimly lit halls of Wookieepedia, who knows what’s back there.

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