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For a pair of LEGO Adventurers, the rivalry may never end

It’s only been 25 years since we were introduced to the Adventurers LEGO theme. And we can see how much Johnny Thunder and Sam Sinister have aged since then in this unique creation by Gregory Coquelz. The scale here is fantastic, providing a detailed look into the retired lives of these rivals, something that would be difficult to convey at minifigure-scale. Tiny details like Sam’s monocle and the bent brim of Johnny’s hat are brilliant bits of character creation. And I love the Easter eggs paying homage to past adventures like the Baron’s photo, the Anubis bust, and the T-rex head, each holding a revered spot above the mantle. Even the detail put into the board game makes it instantly recognizable as Monopoly. Good luck keeping that gem of a dessert out of Sam’s clutches, Johnny! I’m sure he cheated anyway.

No cake for Sam Sinister

I am the future. The Tiberian Sun has risen!

Just like LEGO builder Gregory Coquelz, I was a huge fan of Commander & Conquer: Tiberian Sun when it debuted in 1999. So as soon as I saw this excellent pair of dioramas depicting GDI and Nod forces, I knew we had to feature them. First up is GDI with an iconic ore harvester sweeping through the fields of blue Tiberium Vinifera, accompanied by a Wolverine mech and a few soldiers. The diorama is simple, but it captures the bleak wastelands of the game. A blossom tree adds some interest (as well as a renewable source of Tiberium).

GDI - C&C Tiberian Sun

Of course, no C&C creation would be complete with the insane machinations of Nod, and so Gregory has also made an iconic scene with a Hand of Nod, along with a turret, buggy, and a few more soldiers. The broken road is a great touch, with the wedge plates fitting together perfectly to create the uneven edges. Continue reading

The classic side-eye

We have all known that person at some point. The one who says something and all you can do is silently give them that judging gaze. Sometimes they’re even a friend. And you love them, but man are they weird. This build by Gregory Coquelz, inspired by the writings of author China MiĆ©ville, perfectly captures that moment. Maybe it’s the slurping in the middle of a very serious Dungeons and Dragons quest. Whatever thought bubbles you give the scene, the characters and their outfits tell a great story.

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You can see more of Gregory’s work by visiting our archives.

The very model of insanity

When considering the possible end of civilisation, it’s important to consider worst-case scenarios. However, I have to admit I’m baffled so many people appear to have decided the very worst thing that might happen in the coming weeks is that they run out of toilet paper. Gregory Coquelz appears to share my bemusement as he’s put together a LEGO version of an intrepid prepper — securing enough toilet rolls to see them through the coming sh__-storm (see what we did there?). Our heroic shopper has certainly stuffed his trolley to bursting point with the precious resource, although personally I might have grabbed at least a little food as well. Of course, the stockpiling of LEGO to get through any quarantine period would be a different matter entirely — an eminently sensible idea if you ask me.

LEGO coronavirus covid-19 toilet paper