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Welcome, foolish mortals, to this detailed Haunted Mansion

Can’t make it to Disneyland any time soon? While this eerily detailed LEGO replica of the Haunted Mansion ride by legocellus doesn’t come with the smell of churros wafting over New Orleans Square, it does come crowd-free, which feels like a fair trade. Our tour starts outside the stately old manor. Enter if you dare!

The Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion- UCS MOC

You don’t need a Ghost Host to step inside and see more . . .

15,000 piece LEGO Space Mountain is a motorized E-Ticket wonder

Cinderella’s Castle and fantasy may have become the face of Disney Parks, but founder Walt Disney’s heart was always in Tomorrowland. Space Mountain, first built in 1975 at the Magic Kingdom, has endured as the crowning achievement of Tomorrowland and cemented itself as one of the most beloved roller coasters in the world. One of Space Mountain’s most enthusiastic fans is builder and LEGO Masters Japan contestant Kon, who has spent much of the past year focused on a incredible and functional recreation of the attraction built at minifig scale from 15,000 bricks.

Space Mountain

Hop on the FastTrack and see more of Kon’s creation!

Le voyage dans Hyperspace Mountain

You don’t have to travel to Billund for LEGO-themed thrill rides. Skip the queues and visit Gregory Coquelz‘s Disney park mini-builds instead! Space Mountain was the second of Disney’s E-ticket mountains and unique among roller coasters for its fully enclosed light-and-sound experience. Four of the Disney parks followed the original 1975 design of a retro-futuristic white cone, but for Disneyland Paris, the Imagineers took a different approach, taking inspiration from Jules Verne and remaking the ride with a steampunk veneer. Gregory pays tribute to this incarnation, with a tan and azure roof and the signiture barrel of the space gun up the side (true to the Jules Verne roots, this ride launched visitors into space via good old-fashioned ballistics). I love the use of interlocked domes in dark red for the loading shute. The Verne theme extends to a micro Nautilus moored next to the “Mountain.” Should you visit Disneyland Paris today, you’ll find the shell of the mountain largely the same, but inside your coaster is accompanied by projected X-Wing fighters and TIE Fighters as part of a Star Wars retheming.

Space Mountain 1

To see more Disney Parks mini builds, check out Gregory’s Tower of Terror and Big Smol Thunder Mountain.

A pirate’s ride for me!

I can practically smell the bromine water in this Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO build from Nicholas Goodman. This scene is a rather amazing recreation of the beginning of the Disneyland ride. This is a scene rarely focused on, given its relaxing ambiance when comparing it to the rest of the ride. Here, Nicholas gives us that anticipation of what’s to come on the other side of that dark tunnel, sparing no detail. The ride’s boat is spot on, but more impressive is the rest of the scene, like the old pirate’s cabin. I like the simple technique of just not pressing tiles down all the way to create the uneven roofing. The greenery wonderfully frames the path of the ride, and those little details like the ship’s tackle to the right are perfect. Those are the details that make a ride of this nature, and I love seeing it all captured in LEGO. It should be no surprise that this is my favorite Disney attraction!

Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Ride

LEGO designers of the new Disney Train and Station talk about their inspirations [Video]

LEGO has released a new video featuring the designers of the new 71044 Disney Train and StationLEGO Design Manager Marcos Bessa and Graphic Designer Austin Carlson both show off the set and its features, and discuss their inspirations and design processes.

Some interesting things to note, the Disney Train is 8 studs wide instead of the standard 6 that LEGO has been known for in order to make space for all the interior details. There are also no new elements in the set aside from Goofy’s head. Marcos also talks about a fun detail that he doesn’t want to spoil, so if you are curious head to the end of our review to find out what it is!

September new LEGO sets include Friends Central Perk, Collectible Minifigures, Advent Calendars and Disney Train [News]

A new month means brand new LEGO sets are now available, and there are a quite a few great ones to choose from. 21319 LEGO Ideas Friends Central Perk set is sure to be a hit, 71044 Disney Train and Station is now available to everyone (read our review), and the new Series 19 Collectible Minifigures is now broadly available. (LEGO Store links for our UK and Canadian readers.)

In addition, LEGO has launched their seasonal line-up including the 40351 BrickHeadz Halloween Ghost, 60203 LEGO City Ski Resort, and four advent calendars including Star Wars, City, Friends, and the new Harry Potter themed one.

In terms of freebies, there are three offers from LEGO. 40270 BrickHeadz Bumble Bee is free with purchases of $65 or more and 40186 Year of the Pig is free with purchases of 80103 Dragon Boat Race, both available through Sept. 8 or while supplies last. The Hidden Side 40336 Newbury Juice Bar will be free with purchases of $50 or more starting Sept. 2.

What sets are you most excited about?

All aboard the new 3,000-piece Disneyland LEGO set, 71044 Disney Train and Station [Review]

Revealed today, LEGO is returning to Disneyland with a brand new set, 71044 Disney Train and Station. LEGO’s history with Disney goes back a long way, but few sets have focused on Disney itself rather than its franchises. Of course the first was the gigantic 71040 Disney Castle from 2016. Now the Disney Train and Castle takes us once again to the magical kingdom with one of Walt’s most beloved attractions. Based on the C. K. Holliday steam locomotive on the Disneyland Railroad in the original California park, the train is motorized with LEGO Powered Up! components. Including the train, track, and station, the set has 2,925 pieces and 5 exclusive minifgures, with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Chip and Dale, and Goofy. It will retail for USA $329.99 | CAN $379.99 | UK £299.99 and will be available starting August 21 for LEGO VIP members, with general availability on Sept. 1.

Click to read the full, hands-on review