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A pirate’s ride for me!

I can practically smell the bromine water in this Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO build from Nicholas Goodman. This scene is a rather amazing recreation of the beginning of the Disneyland ride. This is a scene rarely focused on, given its relaxing ambiance when comparing it to the rest of the ride. Here, Nicholas gives us that anticipation of what’s to come on the other side of that dark tunnel, sparing no detail. The ride’s boat is spot on, but more impressive is the rest of the scene, like the old pirate’s cabin. I like the simple technique of just not pressing tiles down all the way to create the uneven roofing. The greenery wonderfully frames the path of the ride, and those little details like the ship’s tackle to the right are perfect. Those are the details that make a ride of this nature, and I love seeing it all captured in LEGO. It should be no surprise that this is my favorite Disney attraction!

Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Ride

Crashing waves and toppled treasure

A group of privateers have brought their plunder to shore in this amazing vignette by Nicholas Goodman. Nicholas has achieved one of the best wave effects I’ve ever seen, sculpting foam so real I can smell the salt air. The slight incline in the shore and the line between wet and dry sand help sell the effect of being on an actual beach. Environment details like that really help sell the storytelling going on with the minifigures. I have a feeling that even though eight men came ashore, after spilling that chest only seven are leaving…

Going Ashore

Just another peaceful day on Tattoine, more rare than a krayt dragon pearl

Tattoine may be a planet farthest from the bright center of the galaxy, according to Luke, but that doesn’t mean its quiet or boring. It seems like trying to live a simple life on the outer rim planet never quite goes as planned. In this beautiful LEGO scene by Nicholas Goodman, however, it does seem like a pretty low-key day, aside from a group of stormtroopers pestering the locals. The buildings look well weathered by the winds, many of the corners worn smooth. Small vents and pipes are scattered throughout the rooftops, and there’s even a well-detailed eopie like the one owned by Obi-wan. along with the V-35 Courier landspeeder from 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina.

Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY

A landspeeder of a more manageable size

As the internet is going (appropriately) gaga for the new Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder set, builder Nicholas Goodman offers this lovely vignette highlighting a smaller alternative. The landspeeder here is a slightly modified version of the one designed by Fuku Saku, and has a great shape and color, with some lovely details on the engines utilizing the LEGO cauldron piece. And the design for the windscreen, while unorthodox, is an excellent way to form the appropriate shape at this scale. For the rest of the scene, the terrain is well formed and very Tatooine-esque. I particularly like Nicholas’s use studs to add texture to the desert sands. The minifigs are also well-posed, setting the scene for Luke and Obi-Wan’s first introduction.

"Hello there" - Old Ben Kenobi

Here’s an up-close shot of the back of the speeder to showcase all the detail that went into those engines. Nicholas’s mastery of angles is remarkable given the scale!

"Hello there" - Old Ben Kenobi