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If Tatooine was in 30’s era Detroit

I used to think I was the only one who did this; you look at a Star Wars vehicle and imagine its Earthly counterpart. For example, the Millenium Falcon could be a Ford Falcon, Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter could be a Jedi Starliner and Darth Vader’s TIE-Fighter could be a bitchin’ 70’s era Econoline with shag carpeting, beef jerky dispenser, lava lamps and a Boris Valejo space-wizard airbrushed on the side. Right? Well, it worked better before I put it to writing. Anyway, LEGO car guru and real-life car guru Peter Blackert clearly thinks of this stuff too as evidenced by this terrestrial 1939 Buick Y-Job concept made into Luke’s Landspeeder. There aren’t a lot of these lying around so I had to Google the vehicle but once I did, I can see how Peter saw the retro-futuristic shape of the Landspeeder. This computer render, in my opinion, perfectly melds the swooping curves of both designs.

Buick Space-Job Y-34 Landspeeder

Doing this sort of thing is a fun and imaginative exercise but if you prefer to keep your Landspeeder designs true to the movie, then try your hand at building the official UCS Luke’s Landspeeder LEGO set that has come out recently. Installing a beef jerky dispenser in the dash would only sweeten the deal.

A landspeeder of a more manageable size

As the internet is going (appropriately) gaga for the new Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder set, builder Nicholas Goodman offers this lovely vignette highlighting a smaller alternative. The landspeeder here is a slightly modified version of the one designed by Fuku Saku, and has a great shape and color, with some lovely details on the engines utilizing the LEGO cauldron piece. And the design for the windscreen, while unorthodox, is an excellent way to form the appropriate shape at this scale. For the rest of the scene, the terrain is well formed and very Tatooine-esque. I particularly like Nicholas’s use studs to add texture to the desert sands. The minifigs are also well-posed, setting the scene for Luke and Obi-Wan’s first introduction.

"Hello there" - Old Ben Kenobi

Here’s an up-close shot of the back of the speeder to showcase all the detail that went into those engines. Nicholas’s mastery of angles is remarkable given the scale!

"Hello there" - Old Ben Kenobi

LEGO Star Wars UCS 75341 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder [Review]

One of the very first vehicles seen on screen in Star Wars is at long last coming to the LEGO Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) with 75341 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder. This dilapidated two-seater civilian vehicle is nearly as iconic to Star Wars as the X-wing or Millennium Falcon and has appeared in minifigure scale numerous times, starting with a simple 49-piece version in the original LEGO Star Wars lineup in 1999. The new UCS version is considerably larger with 1,890 pieces and measuring nearly 20 inches long (50cm). It also includes a display stand and minifigures of Luke and C-3PO. The UCS Landspeeder will be available just in time for May the Fourth sales this year, with VIP access starting May 1 and general availability on May 4. It will retail for US $199.99 | CAN $269.99 | UK £174.99.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.
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LEGO Star Wars 75341 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder revealed as next Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) set [News]

Today LEGO is revealing the long-rumored Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) version of one of the most iconic vehicles from Star Wars with 75341 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder. This 1,890-piece set features a large-scale version of the X-34 landspeeder along with a stand, info placard, and minifigures of Luke and C-3PO. Luke appears to be the same version that’s been in a number of sets previously, such as 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina. C-3PO is a new print that’s unique even from the one in this year’s 75339 Death Star Trash Compactor. The UCS Landspeeder will arrive just in time for the annual Star Wars holiday of May the Fourth, with the set available to LEGO VIP members starting May 1, and general availability a few days later on May 4. It will retail for US $199.99 | CAN $269.99 | UK £174.99.

Check out more info and pictures of the set below, and don’t miss these other upcoming LEGO sets for Spring and Summer 2022:

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Pimp my landspeeder

This low-riding LEGO landspeeder by SweStar has all the stylings you need for a sweet Star Wars ride, from a big scoop up front to smooth engine nacelles and an orange windscreen. The color scheme is particularly intriguing here because it’s the oddest of combos and yet it works somehow, combining a sand green body with lavender and magenta stripes, and sand blue and bright light orange highlights. The best just might be that plush cockpit though, which uses macaroni pieces and a car hood to give it a comfy and curvacious interior.

G-47 Landspeeder