LEGO Ideas Second 2021 review results: two new products passed – and one didn’t [News]

Today, LEGO Ideas reveals the results of the most recent review. In case you missed it, the Review Board had to evaluate 34 projects, including ideas based on popular franchises, fan-favourite creations, and even K-pop! According to the video and article published on the blog, there is some good news, and some not so good news.

The first project to be approved is the A-frame Cabin by renowned builder Andrea Lattanzio AKA Norton74. We are very familiar with Andrea‘s iconic lodgings, having featured this particular build and others in the same series.

The second project is BTS’ Dynamite, a collaborative project by Jacob (BangtanBricks) and Josh Bretz (JBBrickFanatic), as a tribute to popular South Korean pop band BTS and their hit song Dynamite.

Not Approved: After further review of Harry Finkel‘s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs project from the previous batch, the LEGO Ideas review board decided not to move forward with this project. While this is a lovely build of an iconic animated Disney Classic, it is unclear why this was un-approved, leaving us to speculate.

Here are the results of the review in one picture:

9 comments on “LEGO Ideas Second 2021 review results: two new products passed – and one didn’t [News]

  1. andrewbuzzetta

    Will pass on both of these. I questioning the decision made on Snow White as that seems like a no-brainer unless Winnie the Pooh is not selling at the numbers Lego hoped it would or that there is already an idea for one down the pipelines in the Friends scale.

  2. Fog of War

    Two more shitty sets to load the distributors’ channels.
    “Ideas” for last 4(6?) rounds is just a way to spit on the true expectations of player base – so many castle-medieval sets are designed every round and so called commission rejects all of them.
    Meanwhile 21325 is selling x2 price from day 1 till now.

  3. Alex

    What are the rules, concerning building instructions, for those that didn’t make the cut? I vaguely remember reading something about the builders having to wait 3 years to sell instructions?

    The BTS set is probably one of the first that LEGO will actually have to dress up to make it more appealing. It seems very plain to me, compared to the other nominees.

    Maybe the 7 dwarves is a licensing issue? Maybe Disney forgot to renew the copy-write on Dopey :)

  4. winstonheard

    @Alex, the K-pop crowd is so rabid that they’ll likely snatch the set up with no improvements whatsoever

    There is a “re-imagined” Snow White coming out soon, so I wonder if Disney didn’t want the old version out there.

  5. Wise old owl

    The a frame is okay, not as nice as the snow white house. The kpop set is ugly and pointless. Probably just an excuse to print those minifigs. Who is running ideas??

  6. "Jester" David

    I imagine the Snow White one got cut because they want to wait until the live action movie comes out and maybe do a set based on that, possibly in the Friends scale.

  7. Mike

    The Snow White idea failed because Disney are afraid of offending people of restricted growth imo.

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