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Off the wall or off the grid, you decide

Famed LEGO builder and Ideas set designer Andrea Lattanzio proposed the question; have you ever thought about living “off the wall”? That got me thinking; does he mean off the grid? While I use the term “off the wall” occasionally, I went ahead and looked it up and the definition is cited as eccentric or unconventional with their example being
“a zany, wacky, off-the-wall weirdo”. In that regard, to answer your question, Andrea I give you a resounding hell yes! Eccentric and unconventional all the way, mio amico! However, he goes on to say that the characters in this creation “probably ended up living like this because of an all-out war that wiped everything out.” So does that mean off the grid, then? Andrea goes on to say that they seem quite happy, so that’s a good thing.

Off the wall!

Whether they’re off the wall or off the grid there’s no denying these great shapes and build techniques. He pays homage to plenty of creations from his past; the tile with the blue cottage is in reference to the 21338 A-Frame set that he designed and the white boat on the roof may be the very one taken from his Stilt House Ideas concept. Can you spot other references? There are Easter eggs a-plenty!

Cute outpost with cute outhouse

Sometimes you just wish that the inspiration for a LEGO fan creation is a real life building. When I saw Andrea Lattanzio’s latest build I knew I would love to spend a night in the cute little outpost. Surrounded by the sea and the waves. The wind passing along the little stilted cabin. Going to the outhouse in the middle of the night just because of nature’s calling. Well maybe scrap that last part. The outpost looks super cute. There are a lot of cute details hidden in this creation. We get wizard wands and officers clubs used for door hinges. There even is a hockey stick used as a railing. There are many more little details to be spotted, so do yourselves a favor and give this one a little zoom in. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to check if the inspiration for this creation is up for rent as a Bed & Breakfast.

A cute outpost with a useful outhouse

LEGO Ideas 21338 A-Frame Cabin unveiled [News]

LEGO has just unveiled the LEGO 21338 Ideas A-Frame Cabin in its final form. The A-Frame cabin was selected as one of the winners from the second 2021 review results submitted by Andrea Lattanzio (norton74). It will be available on February 6, 2023 and retailing for US $179.99 | CAN $239.99 | UK £159.99

Click to see more details of the LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin

Now you can go while on the go

There was a time before I was born and into my early childhood in which Show Rods were a thing. This is where automotive customizers with lots of imagination pushed the limits of what a hot rod can be. Anything from a bed, to a wine barrel, was fair game, and esteemed LEGO builder Andrea Lattanzio captured one such Show Rod nicely here. It is the “Outhouse” originally dreamed up by Bob Reisner in 1969, probably while sitting on the throne where frankly most good ideas come from. I mean, as outlandish as this seems to be, it has practical applications when you consider that you can do your business while still making good time to your destination. Just wash your hands, which I presume you’d have to do at your sink-themed Show Rod sold separately. This is Andrea’s fourth trip to the Show Rod loo; the previous being a Fire Truck, Beer Wagon, and Paddy Wagon. While you’re already sitting in the place where you do your best scrolling anyway, why not check out these hot rods from Andrea and other like-minded friends who can’t be bothered with building a boring Toyota Corolla.

The “Outhouse”

There seems to be a wolf at the door.

Drawing inspiration from author Xavier Liras and illustrator Alexander Shatohin, builder Andrea Lattanzio shares a tense moment as the Guardian of the Abyss lowers himself into the jaws of the mythical wolf, Fenrir. There are great details throughout this immersive LEGO scene, as well as some innovative building techniques. I particularly like the shaping of the olive-green fir tree, the use of cloth elements for roof patches, and the use of a minifigure accessory molding sprue for the doorknob. The wolf emerging from the mists is also worth a close look, with a yellow gear-shift base for an eye and a maw full of pointy teeth.

The Guardian of the Abyss and the Wolf Fenrir

We’ve featured several great building-centric scenes from Andrea in the past. Why not check them out?

Serving up a pint of awesomeness with an exclusive interview with model car designer Tom Daniel [Feature]

Sure we all love to build with LEGO but, chances are, you may have dipped your toes into other toys and hobbies as well. Before rediscovering LEGO, I was an avid model car builder and collector of Hot Wheels cars (and still am!). Hot-rodding legend Tom Daniel holds a special place in my heart as his outlandish show rod models and Hot Wheels casts such as the Beer Wagon, and Red Baron is still popular and sought-after toys today. You may recall that LEGO legend Andrea Lattanzio built Tom Daniel’s Paddy Wagon a couple years back. To be clear, Andrea’s Beer Wagon (pictured below) dates back a few years as well but it was never featured here at the time. Recently he sat down with Tom Daniel for an interview and if you ask me, that’s pretty thrilling!

BEER WAGON car designer Tom Daniel talks about his creations and his career [Special interview for Norton74]

Some highlights of note from the interview; the Beer wagon was Tom’s first design for Monogram models, then came the Red Baron and his career pretty much skyrocketed from there. Overnight Daniel dreamed up the Munster Koach for George Barris, although the credit for the design by Daniel often gets misstated. He also designed the Bat Cycle for the 1960s Batman television series. Tom Daniel also flew for the U.S. Navy during the Cuban Missile Crisis and worked as a Design Engineer for the APOLLO MOON Project. Of course you may read the entire interview here.

We’re rather proud of Andrea’s achievements. He was voted The Brothers Brick Builder of the Year in 2019. He’s still quite the prolific builder nowadays. We raise our glasses high in salute to him. Check out why we think Andrea Lattanzio is a pint of premium brew.

Go back in time to Colorado’s Crystal Mill

When it comes to beautifully constructed LEGO cabins, Andrea Lattanzio is in a class of his own. Whether you’re looking for perilously perched adventure or a little holiday magic, odds are good Andrea has you covered. Andrea’s latest build is the Crystal Mill, a real-life Colorado landmark as it might have looked back in the 19th century. The realistic trees and gorgeous waterfall catch your attention right away, but don’t overlook the smaller details of the cabin, like the minifigure wand elements on the front-door and the creatively crafted ladder.

Crystal Mill (Colorado)

The two-horsepower Pig house

Internationally recognized director and creator Hayao Miyazaki has had an inspirational effect the world over through his work at Studio Ghibli. Builder Andrea Lattanzio has been open about how Miyazaki’s films and stories have influenced his own models in the past. His latest model is a tribute to the home Miyazaki had built near Studio Ghibli’s main building back in 1998.  Framed by brightly colored trees that contrast the grey and black tilework covering the building, Andrea shows off his architectural skills in yet another masterful model. Offset tiles help create an effect similar to the original wooden siding while fresh planks and posts in the deck, yet to become green with moss, provide a peaceful place for the famed director to contemplate life.

Hayao Miyazaki and his Nibariki (Citroën 2CV)

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In search of land, promised or not

In the distant dystopian future of LEGO builder Andrea Lattanzio’s imagination, a colony of survivors braves the seas and storms searching for land. Based on “Le Navigator” by Simon Laveuve (a miniature artist known for grungy, industrial dioramas), this ramshackle pile of outhouses and palettes is covered with clever techniques and textural details. Towering antennae and string lights add height as well as detail to the model while reactor-powered turbines under the barge move the colony, frothing the sea of loose studs below. The olive-green, dark nougat and medium azure plates detailing the structures add a “cobbled together” effect by intentionally misaligning them.

Floating Dystopia

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LEGO Ideas Second 2021 review results: two new products passed – and one didn’t [News]

Today, LEGO Ideas reveals the results of the most recent review. In case you missed it, the Review Board had to evaluate 34 projects, including ideas based on popular franchises, fan-favourite creations, and even K-pop! According to the video and article published on the blog, there is some good news, and some not so good news.

Read on to find out what potential LEGO Ideas sets we may get!

Santa’s home away from home.

If you follow The Brothers Brick on social media, you might have noticed we just updated our cover photo to Santa’s house, a cozy A-frame cabin built by Andrea Lattanzio. But don’t be fooled by his jolly demeanor, Santa’s a big celebrity. And he’s living a life with all the perks, which includes multiple houses. This asymmetrical cabin, also by Andrea, is a little more stylish than the A-frame. No doubt this house is for when Santa’s feeling a little posher. That four-wheel-drive vehicle might not be able to travel as far as magic reindeer, but I bet it’s more expensive. And the brickwork on the deck couldn’t have come cheap. After all, it’s actually made from dozens of Mjolners.

Santa's Cottage

TBB Cover Photo for December 2021: Santa’s holiday cabin

While this may not be Santa’s primary residence at the North Pole, we can pretend that this cute cabin by Andrea Lattanzio is Santa’s holiday home. Since Santa only works during the month of December, does he have the rest of the year off? Does he go on holidays? He must go vacationing all over the world since he has so much time. I’d think he has a cabin close by in the Canadian or Siberian wilderness somewhere to to escape his elf-infested home for a bit of peace and quiet. I sure hope he doesn’t need to get away from his wife, and that his marriage to Mrs. Claus is still doing well…

Santa's Cabin

We’ve written about Andrea’s A-frame cabin before, but we forgot to mention who owns the property. Now I’m curious to see Santa’s beach house in a more tropical region of the world. Or maybe I’m just wrong and Santa doesn’t have the rest of the year off, maybe he rents an apartment in a big city and works a boring financial job…

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