The other LEGO build known as “Spike Prime”

While it may not be driven by a LEGO computer brain, The Hedgehog by Andrea Lattanzio still means business. This tank definitely gives Raiders of the Lost Ark vibes, with side turrets and a villainous-looking driver. Building in a single color like dark gray can be a risky move, but with plenty of dynamic textures, shadows and exposed studs help to break up the monotone. Instead, the build is alive with textures…and spiky treads.

The Hedgehog

2 comments on “The other LEGO build known as “Spike Prime”

  1. hntrains

    Unlike the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set, this bulky thingy would not cost you an arm and a leg if you decided to replicate it – if you could replicate it.

    Odd, how the builder – the well-known nice guy behind some fairly emblematic builds – has chosen not to include spikes on all the links. Perhaps, that is to show that such a vehicle is not meant to actually move?! Moving, indeed, looking impossible with spikes that long.
    The same spikes, though, are responsible for not allowing for the monochromatic build to turn monotonous – in fact, with the spikes so prominent, it is difficult to notice that the colour of the tank is mostly grey – like all tanks are, as a matter of fact, which are not green or khaki or brown (red tanks? yellow tank? Prolly not!).

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