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Jedi master and padawan defend the kyber cave

In the world of LEGO Star Wars, it’s not often that we get a reference to the all-too-brief animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars by Genndy Tartakovsky. But builder r_t_zan is not ready to move on from the Cartoon Network piece in this scene from Chapters 14 through 16. Depicting the start of the Battle of Ilum, Jedi Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee are surprised by Separatist droids attempting to destroy caverns on the ice planet of Ilum. Kyber crystals, shown in transparent greens and blues, are the power source for all lightsabers. So it goes without saying that keeping this cavern safe is a top priority for the Jedi. Color plays a big role in this creation, whether it’s using light aqua to add an icy blue tint to the snow, or the mix of old and current dark gray in the caverns below. While the display doesn’t contain much action, it certainly puts LEGO texture on full display. Plus, this build is a great way to showcase and show off a couple of rarely-seen minifigures from a rarely-seen Star Wars source.

Lego Moc: Crystal Caves of Ilum

A Star Wars palace fit for an evil emperor

The Emperor’s personal residence hasn’t appeared in any of the films (well, unless you count its prior incarnation as the Jedi Temple, according to current canon), but it still looms large in Star Wars lore. A little forced perspective helps it loom even larger in this great LEGO diorama by r_t_zan, where its appearance is inspired by its classic Legends description. The build concentrates its minifig-scale details up front and lets the eye drift toward the rear, where its forbidding spires reach for the stars. Other than a statue, we never see the Emperor himself, and the build is all the better for it—Palpatine’s air of mystery is preserved as we imagine which of those lofty spires might house his evil presence.

Imperial Palace Coruscant, Lego Star Wars Moc