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Houston, we have a cuteness overload

When we talk about boldly going where no one has gone before, most of us don’t mean in the litterbox. Unless you’re this adorable LEGO feline astronaut by miscellanabuilds, of course. Borrowing its wide blue eyes from LEGO’s official new 21349 Tuxedo Cat, the model is probably the cutest thing you’ll see all day. With those outstretched paws and curly little tail, you’re not sure whether to pet it or cheer it on as it orbits the giant ball of yarn we call Earth.

Ground Control to Major Tomcat

Trim and bear it

According to LEGO builder extraordinaire Cecilie Fritzvold, your once beloved toys get lonely once you cast them aside. That’s why Teddy here has learned the art of topiary trimming so that he can trim himself a new friend that he can care for, just as he was once cared for many years ago. Sweet moments like this make Cecilie one of our favorite builders lately.Check out our Cecilie Fritzvold archives to see what I mean. Maybe it’s time I phone up the ‘rents and have them send my childhood stuffed animals to me.

To be a teddy bear

The bird is the word, but also a nerd.

Of course the bird is the word, but the bird is also the nerd as evidenced by wise old owls and the fact that little birds have a tendency to provide information to people. The cerebral nature of the species is also captured in Isaac Snyder’s brick-built avian critters sporting some stylish specs.

Nerdly Birds

The pair of fowls here appear to be around the size of an average brickheadz model and they are crafted out of bricks and tiling as well as slopes which allow for curvy avian features. Both builds utilize two 1×1 cheese slopes to fashion beaks and 1×2 plates to minimally render their feet. The penguin and the owl also feature the squinting eye 1×1 round tiles, but each bird has their own distinctive eyewear – the penguin with its round frame and the owl with a square one. While simple and compact, these builds are still certainly a hoot!

Feeling cute. Might growl later-idk

I’m more than one-hundred articles into this gig and I’m still finding things to go absolutely gaga over. My case in point, these adorable animals as rendered by Instagram user Legotruman. It is so hard to pick a favorite so we’ve constructed a composite image showcasing most of the animal renders here. My heart melts when I look at each of these portraits, which totally wreaks havoc on my hard-edged, devil-may-care image, let me tell you.

Click here to watch a grown man gush like a kindergartner