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Fan builds incredible 35,000 piece LEGO Bioshock diorama celebrating all 3 games [Video]

Imagine Rigney has been combining his love of LEGO and retro-scifi video game Bioshock for years. The Brothers Brick first covered his impressive entrance to the underwater city of Rapture in 2011, and in 2014 Imagine’s breathtaking Bank of the Prophet from Bioshock Infinite amazed us with its stunningly huge songbird perched above the floating city.


Well, we weren’t the only ones who noticed Imagine’s incredible talent — Bioshock developers 2K Games have also been keenly following his brick-built fan art. Recently, 2K contacted Imagine and asked him to build a brick version of the cover art for their remastered edition of the Bioshock games, Bioshock: The Collection. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Imagine set to work, and has turned out this jaw-dropping collage of Bioshock imagery.

BioShock Revisited Attaching Columbia Bridge

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BioShock’s Rapture in Microscale

Pascal dove deep and recreated the iconic underwater city of Rapture from BioShock. He really did a great job capturing the stark, menacing look of the city at the bottom of the sea. Very nicely done, Pascal!


Ma.K. gets Bioshocked

Leave it to Pascal (Pasukaru76) to see Bioshock when someone says Ma.K. (a popular mecha style with a unique visual characteristics). This Big-Daddy inspired mech is uuber cool, and is even accompanied by a miniature mechanized Little Sister.

Ma.K Daddy

Pay your tithes at the Bank of the Prophet

About a year ago, we featured a beautifully rendered LEGO Songbird from Bioshock Infinite by the talented Imagine Rigney. At BrickWorld last month, he exhibited a complete scene that recreates the entrance to the Financial District in the game.

Bank of the Prophet Full View

Imagine has included a rail system and various enemies for a full-scale battle, including Booker using Shock Jockey on a Handyman and some Founders.

Shock Jockey!

Columbia looks hauntingly gorgeous at night.

Bank of the Prophet Night Full View

Check out Imagine’s full photoset on Flickr to see more detailed photos of this massive build.

Motorized Patriot from BioShock Infinite

We may or may not have featured Carl Merriam (carlmerriam) a few times during his Iron Builder match against Matt De Lanoy (Pepa Quin). Iron Builder definitely can bring forth some amazing creations, like we’ve seen in the past.

I can’t help but laugh, though, at Carl’s last one. At first glance I recognized the caricature but it took me a minute to pinpoint what was off. At first I was confused at why he had wings. The massive gun was the last thing I noticed.

Either way, take a peak at Carl’s vision of a motorized patriot from BioShock Infinite!

Motorized Patriot

This LEGO Songbird from BioShock Infinite will tear your bricks apart

I really enjoyed BioShock Infinite a couple months ago, though I’m still not entirely sure what to make of Songbird. Imagine Rigney may not either, but he’s made this monster (friend?) out of LEGO anyway.

Bioshock Infinite Songbird

Imagine has also included lots of action closer to the floating platform that I’m having trouble calling “ground,” with Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth running away from Songbird while the twins stand by and Vox Populi round the corner.

Bioshock Infinite Columbia Character Action

Thanks for the tip, Jordan!

Lego Big Daddy from Bioshock

Pate-keetongu did a fantastic job of making Bioshock’s iconic Big Daddy. The use of the large Technic ball on the head is perfect.

Big Daddy

Welcome to Rapture

Imagine Rigney displayed this Bioshock creation at Brickworld last weekend. This multi-story vignette features scenes from Bioshock from the ravaged rooms of Rapture to the cold depths of the ocean floor. There’s much more behind the walls and windows of the building you see. Check out all the details on Flickr.

Good girls gather

Guy Himber (V&A Steamworks) complements his Big Daddy with a new scene featuring a pair of Little Sisters and a hidey-hole.

Bioshock Little Sisters by V&A Steamworks

LEGO BioShock Big Daddy stands ready to defend Little Sisters

The latest LEGO creation by Guy Himber (V&A Steamworks) is a spot-on rendition of the Big Daddies from BioShock.

LEGO Bioshock Big Daddy

The Belville Scala figure works great at this scale as a Little Sister, and the Knights’ Kingdom II armor is especially nice.

Previously on The Brothers Brick: BioShock Big Daddy and Little Sister by Snyderman

BioShock Big Daddy and Little Sister by Snyderman

Ethan writes to remind us of something we missed recently (but the boys over at Kotaku didn’t) — awesome Big Daddy and Little Sister characters from BioShock by Brickshelfer Snyderman.

The Adam extractor disturbs me.