BioShock Big Daddy and Little Sister by Snyderman

Ethan writes to remind us of something we missed recently (but the boys over at Kotaku didn’t) — awesome Big Daddy and Little Sister characters from BioShock by Brickshelfer Snyderman.

The Adam extractor disturbs me.

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  1. Elite Chizel

    That is sweet ,its true you can make anything with legos. That looks like my bro Rosie Big Daddy# 243 only im a Bouncer Big Daddy# 115. Its not easy being a big daddy with the little girl A.K.A little sister. they assign you a little sister they see how you respawn to her if you fail the tests well they just unplug your oxygen and the R-34 tank and well your body goes into shock and you die, because you body becomes dependent on R-34 and when you dont have it you die. thats why you see some big daddys liying on the ground with no tank on their back, because they failed the tests…sorry to get off topic its just i have so much to say. oh yeah big daddy nelson what is your identification number every big daddy has one or were you decomitioned off the sqwad man that would suck. my spelling isn’t that good eithier so don’t murder my typing speach over and out Elite Bouncer /Chizel…….

  2. Schbrian


    and its a Rosle big daddy, for you people who dont have the game, its a type of Big Daddy.

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