Motorized Patriot from BioShock Infinite

We may or may not have featured Carl Merriam (carlmerriam) a few times during his Iron Builder match against Matt De Lanoy (Pepa Quin). Iron Builder definitely can bring forth some amazing creations, like we’ve seen in the past.

I can’t help but laugh, though, at Carl’s last one. At first glance I recognized the caricature but it took me a minute to pinpoint what was off. At first I was confused at why he had wings. The massive gun was the last thing I noticed.

Either way, take a peak at Carl’s vision of a motorized patriot from BioShock Infinite!

Motorized Patriot

5 comments on “Motorized Patriot from BioShock Infinite

  1. Kenopolis

    I do NOT like this. (The build is well done, but I don’t like equating being a patriot to having a gigantic automatic assault weapon.)

  2. Andrew

    @Kenopolis: As others have noted, this is from a video game (and I’ve updated the post to make that explicit for those unfamiliar with this excellent game). There’s a fairly significant amount of irony in the game designers’ use of the word “patriot” in naming this unit.

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