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The original pony car

Want a vehicle worthy of this Victorian age, but can’t afford a steam car? Yearn for the elegance of the horse and cart without wanting to appear outdated? Then Peter Ilmrud‘s mechanical carriage may be for you! Perfect for the discerning gentleman or lady, this ingenious product can be retrofitted to your existing carriage. You will have access to more horsepower than any carriage could previously accommodate! No need to keep any grain either – coal is the only fuel you’ll need, with the only emissions of a much more nose-friendly nature!* Don’t delay, act today!

Horse powered Steam Carriage

*We do not accept any liability for smoke-induced illnesses, diseases, or losses of elegance. Goggles, tophat and driver sold separately. Please consult our catalogue for more modern steam-powered products.

Rollin’ royalty

These days, the lap of luxury presents itself in the form of Bugattis and Lamborghinis. But back in the day, what was the best vehicle gold and jewels could buy? A tricked out carriage of course! This royal ride, courtesy of LEGO builder Jonas Kramm, screams opulence. You couldn’t cram any more pearl gold elements in there if you tried. At least, without it looking too gaudy… Okay, maybe it is just a wee bit gaudy, but it’s also awesome! Pairing with the dark brown and pink is magical. There is superb, deliberate element usage and shaping all around. Using tassels on the horse’s heads is one of my favorite parts, as well as the use of the ring to make the lattice window look round. The funkier ideas are neat too, like the Cheshire Cat’s tail for a harness and his head topping the standard, as well as the large figure shin guard for a tree trunk (and excellent idea borrowed from 70620 Ninjago City).

The Royal Carriage

You can find more of Jonas’s brilliant work in our archives.