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Who doesn’t love zombies?

After watching The Walking Dead, most people have trouble sleeping. Jonas Kramm must have had a bit of insomnia too, as he had to build something from the TV series out of LEGO. I like how Hershal and the rest of the undead-fighting underdogs get to cultivate some small fields and hold pigs while keeping the area safe from walkers. The Tower looks just like the real thing, and the detailed plants and garden look beautiful — I love the little wheelbarrow. Using Technic wiring and minifig hands as the barbed wire fence was a touch of genius, and using it to hold up the LEGO cargo net as the fence is a masterstroke. It is certainly holding up well against the zombie hordes.

The Walking Dead - Prison

Dystopian Vision: Reatus Societati

Ludgonious delivers a great vignette depicting a futuristic, dystopian prison in which “highly sedated prisoners pay their debt to society by continuously donating blood and plasma during their sentences.” This scene makes great use of elements, new and old, in all the little details.

Reatus Societati