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Head back to Skyrim where adventure awaits

Skyrim is the northernmost province of Tamriel, the world of the Elder Scrolls videogames. When Bethesda Game Studios launched the fifth installment of the series in 2011, Skyrim received as much praise for its Norse-themed design elements as for the immersive gameplay. Marcin Otreba clearly enjoyed the game’s styling as he’s recreated a typical Skyrim town scene in LEGO. The hut is excellent, with an appropriate blend of wooden tones, and a spot-on tiled roof constructed with triangular parts. I love the wooden palisade of spiked logs, and the forge and grinding stone are almost perfect recreations of these key elements in the game. But best of all? That fire — genius use of an inverted pearl-grey basketball net! This neat little scene makes me want to grab a sword and shield and head for Skyrim myself once more. It’s fun to wander the cold, hard streets of Whiterun. Well, at least until you take an arrow to the knee.

Skyrim - part I

Skyrim’s Dwemer ruins in LEGO

I remember the first time I ran across Dwemer ruins in Morrowind. It was a mysterious cavern full of strange pipes and hissing steam, and then I heard a noise, and something rolled at me and I died. Needless to say, I came back for more, until I’d vanquished the curious Dwarven artifacts left to guard the riches of the lost Dwemer race. I enjoyed the amazing steampunk relics again in Skyrim years later, and LEGO builder Bartłomiej H brings that experience to the brick with these fantastic Dwemer ruins. They truly evoke the feel of the disheveled passageways and abandoned rooms filled with metal machines and odd artifacts. He even includes an intrepid adventurer (like you!) to fight through the devious Dwarven devices.

Dwemerium_Front view

Click to see more of Dwemerium

Dragon unearthed

While a great LEGO model always catches my eye, it’s sometimes the presentation that I really fall in love with. Carson Hart proves that the three-quarters “hero shot” isn’t always the best way to showcase a LEGO model with this top-down view of an excellent dragon skeleton, presented on a sand background.

LEGO dragon bones diorama

(And thanks to Skyrim, I have to wonder how many bones and scales I’d get if I searched the dragon…)

Regaining the Pale: Skyrim in Lego

Skyrim: Regaining The Pale

Luke Hutchinson (aka Derfel Cadarn) has been continuing to build some of the best Castle structures around, but his latest subject matter particularly caught my eye. Based on my favorite game of 2011, Skyrim, Luke’s diorama shows the intrepid Dovahkiin assaulting an encampment of Stormcloak soldiers.

Skyrim: Regaining The Pale

Black dragon from Skyrim

Since it’s been so long since I’ve blogged anything I’m cutting myself some picture quality slack and putting this one up here on the blog. I’ve been jealous of those with the time to play this, from all accounts excellent, game.

Skyrim black dragon

Leveling up in Gears of War 3 & Skyrim with LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots

Though I prefer to earn my experience, medals, and achievements the old-fashioned way, I never cease to be impressed (and mildly amused) by those who design LEGO robots to accomplish their video game goals.

Guy Himber built a robot to get the Onyx Active Reload medal in Gears of War 3 (watch him get the medal).

Meanwhile, Justin built his own robot to max out his restoration level to 100 in Skyrim.

What do you think? Fair play or hax0rs?