Destroy the environment with more efficiency, eh

LEGO builder Titolian brings you the formidable LumberMech M-3000. In his own words, this mech is “the finest piece of logging equipment to ever come from the forestry mechsperts of Northern Canada, this behemoth comes equipped with every tool needed to level acres upon acres of natural beauty. Its innovative internal engine runs entirely on maple syrup, making it one of the first tools that actively destroys its own fuel source. We didn’t think that one through…” Thankfully this would be the first and only time anyone has thought up a short-sighted solution to a difficult problem in the history of the world so we should be in the clear, right? It’s easy to forgive clearcutting on such a colossal scale when it’s done in an awesome plaid shirt. I mean, look at it! I’m smitten! We’ve been charmed by this builder’s work before. Check out what I mean here.

The LumberMech M-3000

1 comment on “Destroy the environment with more efficiency, eh

  1. Roger

    I definitely dislike the way you smeared logging, as if you put any effort into looking up how logging works you would find that for every tree cut down, 3 more are hand planted in the same spot. Also, the lumber industry is one of the most controlled industries in Canada. If you want something that destroys the environment, look up farming!

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