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Roller skating bot makes quite a splash

Choosing a background is an important part of photographing any subject, but when it comes to LEGO creations, it is especially critical for helping your creation stand out. Or, in the case of this cute little bot by Titolian, perhaps to blend in. It may seem to be an unusual choice, but somehow, with the bright color, and all of the gray and white details, it works remarkably well. As we contemplate this charming roller-skating robot, we are left to wonder if its intentions are playful, or painful.


Battle of the brick bots

The robots are taking over, and who doesn’t love a good mech when they see one? Adam Dodge‘s LEGO war mech looks to be a pretty unique take on the archetype — it really looks like Wall-E on steroids.

Wk3 - WAR

The caterpillar tread and slightly boxy aesthetic of this build are what are reminiscent of Wall-E, but of course all of the added brick-built artillery and armaments make this bot look quite a bit less than friendly. Certainly the weaponry of this build is where the great parts-usage happens. The gatling gun which is also the right arm of the bot is comprised of technic pieces. Some white 1×1 cones serve as unveiled missiles on the shoulder of the machine. The body/cockpit is constructed from mostly bricks and slopes with some tiling serving as accents. Overall this is one mean looking bot, perhaps an unfortunately fitting image for the rather dystopian times we are in currently.