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Don’t pick a fight with the mother of all aliens

One of my favorite movies of all time is Aliens, and I get giddy when I see any one of them being created with LEGO bricks. There’s just a feeling of biomechanics involved from H.R.Giger’s original design and the eventual creatures we see on the big screen that makes it believable with a brick built design. This rendition by Carter Baldwin is quite amazing as the whole build is supported on its own legs. All we need now are some flamethrowers and Ellen Ripley to show up and get this party started!

Alien Queen

It’s hard to go small

This pair of LEGO hardsuits by Carter Baldwin are ready to go salvage some future junk, and they’re fully outfitted with flexible protection. While they don’t actually encompass a full minifigure, just a head in a bubble, the rest of the brick-built suit has remarkably close proportions to what a mobile armored fig would need. Carter’s also thrown in some great parts uses, from the minifigure backpack mounted on the lower torso to my favorite, the criminally underused tap base for the yellow suit’s gun.

Salvage Team