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LEGO EVA Unit 02 has activated

Mathijs Dubbeldam had a goal: to build the world’s most accurate EVA Unit 02 from the anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. The head in particular reads strikingly accurate to me, but I am also impressed with the iconic long limbs, lanky frame, and spot-on details right down to the fingernails.

EVA Unit 02 in Tokyo-3

See more of this intricate model, including one of the building’s interiors.

Angels on a pin

I suspect that Pascal (pasukaru76) has more of these delightful fellows coming, but for now we can make do with no-name and Raziel. His first two little LEGO neo-angels (presumably based on Evangelion) are just so cute.

Neo-Angel Raziel
Neo Angel

LEGO-built Neon Genesis Evangelion stands 4 feet tall, wins the Internet

I’ve been waiting a long time to blog this. Moko has been teasing us with work-in-progress images of his Neon Genesis Evangelion mecha for the last three years, and the finished model is finally revealed. The model stands 120 cm (nearly 4 feet) tall, and weighs 9.4 kg (20.7 pounds). I feel words will fail me in trying to encapsulate its awesomeness, but here goes. 

First off, the color is spectacular.  All that purple must have cost a pretty penny.  Second, the engineering is brilliant.  We’ve seen large-scale, articulated mechas before, most of them based on Brian Cooper’s Teknomeka design.  One of the limitations of that design was the bulk that resulted from all the gearing in the joints to support the weight of large scale mechas.  Moko was able to pull off a build that is similar in scale, but so much more elegant and slim, as befitting the source material, the Evangelion Unit-01.


Thirdly, Moko’s deft sense of style added to the equation results in probably one of the best LEGO mechas I’ve ever seen. Plus, he did not paint or modify any bricks, and it’s articulated!  Check out the second image for a sense of the scale of this marvel.


If you’re in Japan, you can see Moko’s Evangelion unit in person at the Osaka University LEGO Club’s upcoming display on May 2nd and 3rd, during Golden Week.


See even more photos in Moko’s photostream on Flickr and on his blog.

Day’s turn is over : now arrives the night’s.

From his younger brother, we learn that David Collins (intrond) recently emerged from a 20-year LEGO Dark Ages and began posting his LEGO creations to Flickr. My favorite so far is an Evangelion mecha — Omega:

LEGO Evangelion mecha

Evangelion Mass Production Type minifig by Mike Crowley

Mike Crowley wins. He just does. At everything. More specifically, he’s found 7668 Rebel Scout Speeder and promptly created a truly unique minifig using the new helmet. Behold! Eva Mass Prodution Type (from the anime series Evangelion).