LEGO EVA Unit 02 has activated

Mathijs Dubbeldam had a goal: to build the world’s most accurate EVA Unit 02 from the anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. The head in particular reads strikingly accurate to me, but I am also impressed with the iconic long limbs, lanky frame, and spot-on details right down to the fingernails.

EVA Unit 02 in Tokyo-3

At 60 cm tall, the towering cyborg dwarfs the microscale city of Tokyo-3, the setting for much of the series. I think it’s hilarious that the builder calls the elaborate base an afterthought when he realized his gigantic robot model needed a support system. It’s well executed, with Mathijs even going so far as to build a normal version of the city when it’s not in lockdown mode.


One of the buildings even has an interior!

Hardware store - interior

This isn’t the first Evangelion creation TBB has featured. Back in 2009 we highlighted David Collins’ NGE-inspired mecha, and in 2013 we shared Moko’s 4-foot EVA Unit 01, which Mathijs credits as an inspiration for his model.