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The legendary big three – the ’96 Chicago Bulls

If you were growing up as a kid in the 90’s, without a doubt you had to be a fan of the Chicago Bulls, at least I felt that way during the time. Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and Scottie Pippen weren’t just great basketball players, they were icons of the sport and the era. Takamichi Irie brings back some of the vibes of those days through his figural LEGO builds of the dream team.


Irie shapes the bodies of the big three completely out of bricks, with musculature utilizing sloped pieces. Smooth pieces such as tiling, slopes, and 2×2 round bottom plates also help in rendering the legs and arms of the figures while articulation is provided by 1×1 modified plates with clips. The Nike swoosh on a couple of the players’ shoes are portrayed by claw pieces. The heads of the players are given some definition with 1×1 tiles and cheese slope pieces. While the bodies are blocky, human figures are extraordinarily difficult to render using bricks, especially at this scale. I believe Irie’s combination and configuration of elements really produced the closest one can get to recreating these figures in LEGO at such a size. Looking at the build as a whole, I remember the glory days of the Bulls’ past, but I am also reminded that I need to check out the Netflix docuseries on the Chi-town bulls – The Last Dance, which may have inspired these awesome models

# 23

Despite a rich history of his country’s basketball players who played in the American NBA to draw upon for inspiration, players like… Detlef Schrempf, Uwe Blab and Dirk Nowitzki…for some strange reason Alex Jones (Orion Pax) is still fixated on Michael Jordan. So journey back with Alex and TBB, to the 1990’s when grunge music, Pokémon cards and MJ ruled the planet. #23 also comes complete with his pet bull, on which he rides about dispensing justice and expensive footwear with a flaming sword!.

Michael Jordan - Chicago Bulls

I’m not sure what to say about Alex’s solution for MJ’s visage…I mean, what do you say about Tim Allen in blackface? For more photos, head over to Orion Pax Designs.