Chasing Boulderax on two wheels

The fighter by Geoff Herndon (Tekka Croe) that Dan blogged yesterday may be spikier, but I’m a sucker for small and adorable.

This Power Miners bike would make an awesome impulse-purchase set.

EDIT: Oh look, this drilling unit by Kevin Fedde (Crimson Wolf) also fits the post title!

EDIT 2: Okay, what is up with all the two-wheeled Power Miners vehicles? Huh, Rocko?

2 comments on “Chasing Boulderax on two wheels

  1. TargetBoy

    Power Miners is easily my favorite of the new themes so far.

    Year 1 mars was meh. Year 2 had great large sets, but still kinda meh.

    PM has everything awesome. The previews of space police make it look like we are headed into another golden age.


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