In case of LEGO emergency, break glass

Have you ever broken a fingernail trying to pull two LEGO bricks apart? Ever resorted to a butter knife? Teeth? What you needed was a Brick Separator.

For all those building emergencies, Andrew Summersgill (Doctor Sinister) has the solution:

Not coincidentally, Andrew is also running for chairman of The Brickish Association. Here’s a campaign poster that perfectly sums up my own approach to LEGO — FUN is not a four-letter word!

Hey Andrew, I’ll be expecting that wire transfer for £19,999,999.99 into my offshore account any day now…

9 comments on “In case of LEGO emergency, break glass

  1. Octopunk

    What do you mean “resort” to a butter knife? I’ve had the same butter knife on hand since 1978 for things the brick separator just can’t handle. I can’t get a tile that’s surrounded on three sides by tiles out of the middle of a baseplate with no brick separator.

    I’m don’t live in the UK, but you can’t do much better than “Vote Sinister” for a campaign slogan.

  2. Nolnet

    Yeah, try using that darn brick separator when you stuck a technic half pin down to the bottom of one of those older antenna pieces.

    I’d vote sinister, but I’m not brickish either. Tcha.

  3. Doctor Sinister

    Thank you Brothers Brick for giving my election campaign a real shot in the arm!

    Thank you also for the kind words expressed in the comments here.

    Dr. S.

  4. Fred

    Thanks.. I remembered the image too but, I couldn’t place who posted their creation. Now I know I’m not crazy

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