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Pneumatic Lanz Eilbulldog Tractor

Though the original Lanz Bulldog wasn’t built for beauty, this model of the classic German tractor by Nikolaus Löwe truly shines. Combining SYSTEM and Technic parts, the model has some nice design touches; a brick-built seat, elegantly curved rear mud flaps built from Technic beams, a vertical exhaust pipe (for a hot bulb engine, perhaps?), even running boards. The hood and sides of the engine compartment blend Technic panels and beams for a clean look.

LEGO Lanz Eilbulldog

Click to see more views including a peek under the hood of this tractor

A fine old tractor

This classic tractor by Jakeof displays nothing luxurious or prestigious, and that is precisely its charm. There is something quintessential about decaying vehicles to begin with, but the damage on this particular one is very well represented.

MTZ-52 & Autosan D-44

There are many details to love, from the exposed engine to the odd rusted wheel, but the best part is the exhaust pipe, made of a rigid tube cut diagonally. While the trailer looks simple, I can assure you there are some very clever tricks used to get a perfect industrial look.

All are not supercars that are called Porsche

…Unless a vintage tractor is a supercar for you. DB_Kit Fisto entered the latest Build the Porsche of your Dreams contest not at full speed, but definitely with class. His massive tractor is a scaled replica of the Porsche Super from 1960s. That was the time of truly beautiful agricultural machinery, much more elegant than the modern!

Porsche Super

The design of this vehicle is simply fantastic thanks to amazing combinations and connections of System and Technic pieces. My favorite part is that small technic corner panel above the front axle placed right among regular plates and slopes. This is how you build a Super tractor!

“She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”

Chris Maddison brings you a slice of Iowa farm life for your Saturday viewing pleasure replete with tractor, microscale barn, trees and a very clever furrowed field. Although the rolling hills in lime and sand-green are very simple in construction, they really add depth and style to this forced perspective scene. The sexy-time tractor is a fine example of the species, complete with rototiller and detailed engine. Chris has only been back from his dark-age for about a year now but he sure is making up for lost time.

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

CLAAS Jaguar 900-Series Harvester

Like many of us, Peter Blackert (lego911) spends too much time in gridlock where the mind eventually wanders to our favorite hobby. In Peter’s own words: “One saving grace of terrible traffic, is that it gives me more time to look longingly at the lovely white-and-lime tractors and harvesters at the local CLAAS distribution centre, next to the highway.” The official LEGO set #7636 from 2009 was also an inspiration for the massive harvester. Peter has also thoughtfully included some variants depending on what kind of crop you need harvested.

CLAAS Jaguar 900-Series Harvester

I only wish I could translate an object or location on my daily commute, but the Hustler Club and the Ocean-Spray factory don’t really cut it for me.

It’s Tractor Time

16 year old Polish wunderkind Damian Z. (Thietmaier) swears he’s done with tractors this time. If that is true, then I think we should take time to savor the builder’s final effort, “KD35.013“. At the time of this posting I was not able to determine whether or not Damian has been recruited into the shadowy and powerful group known as LUGPol. If he is not, it is surely only a matter of time.


But why stop with just one tractor? I wouldn’t want TBB to be accused of having an anti-tractor bias, so let’s get in the way-back machine and set the dial to 2010 for this gem entitled “Ursus C-360“.


And finally I’m going to slip in this excellent Road-grader from KryptonHeidt at no additional charge. I don’t think Damian will mind sharing the white-hot spotlight of TBB.

Road Grader

How to fill a flatbed

Bedford TK and David Brown 780

I’ve recently got right back into building cars and vehicles. So much so that when I built a Bedford TK truck and needed to fill its flatbed the solution I came up with wasn’t the usual boxes or logs but a David Brown 780 tractor.

PS. Dear LEGO, could you please make a tyre that’s slightly larger than the one I used? Yours, Tim

7684 Pig Farm & Tractor includes 4 porkers, out now [Mini-Review]

Perhaps a bit buried among the news about the release of 10211 Grand Emporiumicon and LEGO Board Games is that the new LEGO City set 7684 Pig Farm & Tractoricon is also out now.


I’m certainly excited by these other new releases, but it says something that I’m choosing to build the pig farm first. Seriously, pigs! Four of them! Mmmmm, bacon…

UPDATE: I just finished building the set, and it didn’t disappoint. Aside from the pigs, the set also includes a number of other parts I hadn’t gotten before, starting with the short-brimmed baseball cap and a new exhaust pipe piece that appears to be new in 2010.

The tractor includes a lot of nice lime green to complement your Power Miners acquisitions, as well as my favorite wheels and tires. For play value, it has several connection points compatible with attachments from 7637 Farm and 7634 Tractor.

Pork!And finally, the elephant (or pig) in the room — the inevitable comparison to BrickForge pigs.

As you can see from the set pictures, the LEGO pigs are similar in style to the new LEGO cows from the farm and 10193 Medieval Market Village.icon They’re more rounded, and to a certain extent more realistic than traditional LEGO animals like the dog and horse (with printed eyes and rounded bellies).

BrickForge pigs, cows, and sheep share their design aesthetic with the older LEGO animals. Depending on whether you prefer your animals more consistent with your older LEGO animals or more adorably pot-bellied, there’s still a place for both BrickForge animals and their official LEGO counterparts. I like both.