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Farmhands down, this is a great trophy

This exquisite construction by the one and only Markus Rohlbühler brings together two of my favorite things in the LEGO hobby: non-minifig scale and trophy construction. Handed out as an award for this year’s Brickscalibur contest, this darling farmhand is quite the amalgamation of curved slopes. With studs pointing every which way, the maiden’s blue dress proves well-crafted. And the little detail of her rolled-up sleeves, made using the bottom of the facemask from Ninjago’s Zane, is absolutely stellar.

Brickscalibur 2022 Trophy: Farmhand

If you’re interested in even more like this, check out this excellent orc trophy by Markus that we featured late last month.

A tractor with the wow factor!

Through a combination of LEGO slopes, curves, and wedge plates, Joey Klusnick provides a stunning piece of farm machinery. In brilliant John Deere green, this tractor is full of tiny details that make it exceptional. The intricate side-view mirrors, the stripe of yellow along its nose, and the mudguard on the back tires are made of jumper plates all are perfect touches bringing this build to life. Now, all it needs is a brick-built field to plow, or a trailer full of LEGO hay to haul around.

John Deere 9 Series Tractor

I’ve got a brand new combine harvester and I’ll give you the key

Well, it’s not exactly mine but if you ask the vehicle’s creator, Kris Kelvin, he might provide you with the key. This impressive LEGO build of a combine harvester perfectly recreates the details of the real-life farm vehicle. At the front, spikes are used as the forward prongs and red wagon wheels form part of the threshing drum with clip pieces attached to them. Minfigure neck brackets portray the headlights on the roof. The chute, sticking off the side, uses a red bucket to represent the tip of the funnel where the grain would be offloaded onto a trailer. The model appears to be in scale with minifigures and would be an ideal addition to any farm diorama.

Combine harvester

If a Deere dumps in the woods

I don’t know why but I’m way into agricultural equipment. But seriously, I don’t know why. I didn’t grow up on a farm, most of my life has been spent in cities or suburbs so I have no farming background to speak of. Perhaps it’s the exotic-ness of farming that really plows my harvest. So you can imagine, I was pretty thrilled to see this LEGO John Deere tractor and Joskin tipping trailer built by Damian Z. The model is not overly large but it’s a solid construct and well detailed for its size. I can just smell the diesel fumes now. Or is that manure? This city slicker doesn’t seem to know one from another! Still, I get a kick out of this stuff. Check out our farming archives to see what I mean. While you’re at it, take a gander at our other John Deere builds including a twelve-year-old entry by yours truly.


What happens when you combine Blacktron and farming?

Name a more unlikely duo. You’ll be hardpressed to find a more odd pairing than Blacktron and farming, yet that mashup is precisely what Dario Đipić has done with this insane combine harvester. Decked out in the theme’s iconic colors of black, white, and trans neon green, this harvester looks ready to collect…wait, what does it collect? I spy skeletons on the edges of the cutter. Hmm…maybe that does track with Blacktron. After all, the Space Police were always after them for some reason.

Blacktron combine harvester

Oh, and as for unlikely pairings? Well, ok, maybe there are a few others just as out there. Like Star Wars and Fabuland, which is apparently a whole thing. Don’t believe me? Check out our Fabuland archives.

LittleJohn says “Hay there, farmer!”

LEGO builder John Snyder says “hay there, farmer!” To which I reply “hay there right back!” Frankly, I know nothing about farming, but I do enjoy a friendly greeting replete with puns so I figured I ought to jump at the chance to feature this John Deere tractor and hay baler. If you’re as a-moo-sed by this as I am, then you should check out -LittleJohn’s other stuff. He’s been building a lot of amazing stuff lately. But before you go, let me try my hand at a farmer joke. Here goes. How did the farmer find his cow? He tractor down. OK, admittedly that could use some work. Sorry, I’m just going to let myself out now.

Hay There Farmer!