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A road warrior from Australia

I honestly have no idea why Vladimir Drozd decides to decorate his latest Mack truck with a Greek warrior’s helmet, but I find it hilarious. For me, this little touch gives the vehicle some great character and helps to draw attention from the truck’s suspiciously clean look. The thing is, I just don’t believe Australian trucks this neat exist. Weathering is never easy when building with LEGO, but a couple of patches of dust and sand here and there could really elevate the model’s look.

Apart from the look that is a bit too plain, the truck is fantastic on the scale. The shaping of the front makes the Mack instantly recognizable, and the fuel tank is a perfect choice of an add-on.

The not-so-little red truck that could

LEGO supplies builders with the parts to bring a wide variety of interests to life, and many builders take their inspiration from real-world objects and vehicles. Vladimir Drozd has a talent for building large Technic scaled vehicles jam-packed with details and moving parts, and his latest creation, the Scania LK 141 is no exception.

Scania LK 141

This workhorse features a full steering assembly and a motor to move both rear axles simultaneously.

Scania LK 141

It ain’t much but it’s a couple of tractors

Designing scaled farming machinery is, in equal measure, fun and challenge. It’s all about sketching a neat chassis, adding just the right amount of grills and pipes to the engine’s exterior, and, of course, building a piece of farming equipment to attache to a tractor. Vladimir Drozd nailed all of these in his splendid designs. It is their clean yet very realistic exteriors that instantly caught my eye. With just a handful of curved slopes, Vladimir managed to create simple models without overloading them with way too complicated building solutions.


It’s so easy to spoil a great creation with an unsuitable exterior element, but I applaud the author’s decision to complete the red tractor with a couple of road signs.