New LEGO Space Police, Castle, Power Miners, Agents 2.0 now available [News]

The mid-2009 LEGO sets are now available from The Official LEGO Shop online, including the brand-new LEGO Space Police theme — a theme that has the fingerprints of Mark Stafford and Adam Grabowski all over it.


Two of the smaller sets make it easy to get a couple of the unique new aliens from this theme.

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The VTOL police vehicle below includes an alien with four arms.


LEGO Castle fans are sure to shout for delight at the availability of the newest sets, including this massive fortress full of goblin and troll minifigs, along with a couple smaller sets.


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The newest LEGO Power Miners sets feature a massive drill (8964 Titanium Command Rigicon) and the new, larger rock monsters.


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LEGO Agents gets a reboot in LEGO Agents 2.0. With the cool minifigs that I love this theme for, the line includes a hilariously awesome mecha.


Finally, five new LEGO City sets are also available, including 7641 City Cornericon with its six-wide city bus.


Here’s a partial list of new sets that are available:

LEGO Space Police LEGO Castle
Power Miners Agents 2.0

14 comments on “New LEGO Space Police, Castle, Power Miners, Agents 2.0 now available [News]

  1. harryrules

    wait wait what summer in spring?

    p.s it also says not in england are they not coming to blighty or are they not here YET

  2. Shmails

    I need a third job! So much exciting new stuff, from the castle to space police. Also, the new camper looks very cool. Why is my birthday in March?!!

  3. RichardAM

    Harry, I read a while back that we in the UK weren’t getting the SP theme. I’m not sure if there’s any plausibility to it or not, but i’ve imported anyway. :)

  4. Lindsayjoy

    I actually purchased these through the TRU website a couple of days earlier.

    Ordered 6 sets, all the Space Police, Robo Attack, the Crystal King (that was on sale???) and the shipping came out to 8 bucks, much more reasonable then the LEGO shipping costs. Also I was tempted to buy the troll warship that they had on sale on the S@H phone exclusives but it was still $58 and I felt I’d rather get the medieval market village at that point!

  5. Andrew Post author

    ^ That’s great, but TRU doesn’t help keep running, so we do ask our readers to buy from the LEGO Shop or Amazon when they can. ;-)

  6. Optimystic

    Andrew: Glad you reminded me, I’m just about to order some Space police, so I’ll make sure to click through here.

  7. aussiechef

    Yep I will need a second and third job – as well as sending my children out to work in t’mines!

    Assuming any of these are available to Australia.
    I cannot fathom why TLC has such a non-global attitude to it’s distribution. I can understand not shipping all sets to all markets for retail release – but don’t understand why I can’t buy any and all sets from S@H?

    Still – if collecting all the sets I like was easy – I might just lose interest.

  8. eti

    About zero of these sets are available.
    No clue why Lego doesn’t simply ship all of their products to all countries and make thinks enjoyable for everyone.

  9. wegj

    I picked up two of these new sets at the local Toys R’ Us the other day when I saw the post. Toys R Us always get’s them first. In the back of the space police instructions you can spot the next two big sets their putting out.

  10. Jordan Bradford

    Woo! The red-caped character from the teaser video -is- a Squidman! And only $5.99!

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