Pictures of 2010 LEGO sets – Atlantis, Toy Story, & more – at Festival RFFL [News]

UPDATE: High-res photos of LEGO Atlantis sets are now out.


Alexander (Shurik) posted pictures of some of the 2010 sets that LEGO has displayed at a sponsored event in Russia called Festival Rossiyskogo Fan Forum Lego. The featured sets include samples from the following themes: Atlantis, Toy Story, Prince of Persia, Star Wars, Power Miners, City, Bionicle and more.

EDIT (TG): These pictures were uploaded due to a miscommunication and have been removed from Flickr at the request of TLG. The local Ambassador, Igor Makarov, asked me to remove the deeplink which I have done.

UPDATE: also has box art for one of the 2010 LEGO Power Miners sets, 8188 Fire Blaster:

LEGO Power Miners 2010

21 comments on “Pictures of 2010 LEGO sets – Atlantis, Toy Story, & more – at Festival RFFL [News]

  1. Meany007

    OMG! i was the one who suggested the Atlantis theme a couple months back when TBB had a post on “What themes Should Lego Do?” WOW too cool.

  2. Starwars4J

    The city sets are atrocious. They look like they were designed in the mid-90s. Yes, THAT bad.

    Atlantis and PoP both look pretty awesome, though more for the parts and figures than the set designs. Still, I’m very happy with those themes. The large Power Miners set looks like it has to be a very, very early prototype or something.

  3. Drizdar

    Atlantis looks to be a pretty awesome theme. I mean, if you look closely you can see a red Cthulhu figure!

    However, I really don’t know what to say about the other stuff, other than what I think is Ben 10 looks like a cross between Galidor and Bionicle…

  4. Felix

    Love the Atlantis theme (I would).

    I hate to add to negativity but that airport and helicopter are major steps backwards. Seriously… to even consider juniorization is just shocking. Have all the marketing people from the 90’s retired or taken other jobs? Does this company keep records? Add my voice to the inevitable multitudes that will shout out against juniorization. The market will speak out against this, as it has in the past.

  5. Jai

    The Power Miners’ new silver suits look really good, and I like what I’m seeing of Atlantis and Prince of Persia (Ok, well, not that the latter has fleshies). Good set designs for Toy Story, and the Hoth battle pack looks sweet.

  6. TJJohn12

    So, that was a flash in the pan. To quote a recent re-run of South Park “And it’s gone.”

    Regardless, I am underwhelmed by the new Power Miners presentations on the whole. The joy of Power Miners, IMHO, was the extent to which is held tight to an understanding of color scheme and coordination. The new sets, particularly the recently MIA jail cell, look like rainbow warriors and not well coordinated and well designed sets.

    Atlantis looks like it might be promising, although I have a feeling I’ll need to see them in-the-brick to appreciate the color scheme, as was true with PMs.

    I can understand the need to revamp and rotate through different offerings in the City line, as new consumers are constantly coming of age, but I was hoping for more sets akin to the seaplane, and fewer designs in the vein of the new jumbo-jet.

    PoP is meh for me, chiefly because of the fleshie figs. Toy Story looks promising, but not something I’ll need to collect all of or indeed need more than one of a particular set.

    All-in-all, I’m underwhelmed. I’m looking forward to what we get for S@H exclusives, though, as these are the bulk of my inspiration and set-purchasing these days.

    Ok, enough of my negative nancy…

  7. BreadMan

    [Upon seeing the new power miner box art]

    I’ll take a couple dozen of the new figs. New visor! Looks like an opaque grey Ice Planet visor minus antennae. Awesome. Power miner tic-tac-toe please!

  8. Jai

    I was thinking that the new Power Miner helmet and visor were a shiny silver, not grey. Am I fooling myself? Now I can’t decide!

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