Star Justice Saddleback prisoner transport by nabii

Though vehicles by Mark Stafford (nabii) tend more toward the spacey, new creations from him are no less an event than ones from his LEGO coworker Adam.

LEGO Star Justice Saddleback by Mark Stafford

The “Saddleback” is part of the Star Justice universe designed by Chris Giddens. The front-end greebles are gorgeous, as are the engines (encircled by skis).

See more photos on MOCpages and Flickr.

3 comments on “Star Justice Saddleback prisoner transport by nabii

  1. Nabii

    Hi Andrew, Star Justice is Chris Giddens’ creation – which is who’s website the second mention of my name links to – probably time to edit your post slightly!
    Thanks for the blogging!

  2. Creative Anarchy

    Nicely bulked out hyperspace interceptor. Looks much more dense and real than the set model. I’m also loving your use of trash cans and the back section greebles. Lots of nice details. I’m not sure about the nose. the snubbed look really adds a lot of bulk to the model and the curving pieces are very attractive but for some reason the openning in the front doesn’t work for me and it’s very focal.

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