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While browsing Bricklink today, I came across a store that specializes in custom chrome LEGO elements. Here, you can get a diverse array of industrially chromed parts from minifig helmets and accessories to car parts for pimping your ride. You can even ask the store to chrome your own LEGO element. Visit and browse their offerings in the chrome gold and chrome silver color categories. You can also find out more by reading their FAQ page.

The following video showcases their products with some rather dramatic and suspenseful background music. After all, chrome is serious business.

If you’re making an order, feel free to drop a mention that you’re a reader of our blog. If many people show interest, we will be featuring a review of these products in the coming weeks.

10 comments on “Get chrome parts and accessories from

  1. Nolnet

    ohhhhh… shiny stuuf. But where to start? After watching the video I feel like chroming my entire collection and henceforth builde only in this mervellous coloure.

  2. wartoaster

    Is it recursion that i’m viewing this post on Google Chrome (with the Brushed Steel skin) on a shiny laptop?

  3. Drizdar

    So much chrome… *Looks in wallet* So little money. Looks like I’ll have to buy these next year, since compared to the 09 sets, the 10 sets look well, ya…

  4. ILikePi

    I already saw this place months ago (and bookmarked it), but thanks for blogging the site! When I first visited their store, they had almost no chrome gold items, but now there are so many!

    I would love to see a review of the stuff!

  5. Artahn

    I actually started singing the Christmas Carol “Silver and Gold” about halfway through the commercial…

    This gives me an idea.

  6. Cole Blaq

    I also saw that stuff recently. But I must say if Lego is expensive this is far beyond.
    Way too expensive!
    The production cost might be expensive but some chrome spraypaint is cheaper if chrome is really needed. It reminds me of the bling bling of gangsta rap videos – the pure show-off of one’s wealth.
    If it’s just one or two parts on a masterpiece, then it’s the cherry topping, but elsewise superficial and posh, not for the common Lego user.

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