James May’s LEGO house destined for ruins

The life-sized LEGO house built by the British TV presenter James May faces imminent destruction after LEGOLAND Windsor withdrew their plans to purchase the massive structure due to expensive transportation costs. The house was built with about 3 million LEGO bricks supplied by the LEGO Group and took about 1000 volunteers who worked tirelessly for about a month to complete. It features a furnished bedroom, living room, kitchen, and a bathroom with a functional toilet – all made from LEGO bricks. Unfortunately, this architectual feat will not be enduring the times. According to the Daily Mail, “if no one collects it by 8am on Tuesday, it will be hacked to bits with chainsaws.”

Read more on BBC News or the Daily Mail.

UPDATE: There’s even a Save James May’s Lego House group on Facebook.

20 comments on “James May’s LEGO house destined for ruins

  1. proudlove

    Whaddya mean ‘stupid’? I’d pay to help hack it bits with a chainsaw. Of course, chainsaws are just about as much fun as Lego.

  2. Brian.Schlosser

    What else would they use? A five foot long brick separator? Still, it is a shame the bricks can’t be donated to charity or something…

  3. Foamrider

    Well that’s no fun.

    I will say, perhaps a wrecking ball, or maybe some explosives would suit it better. ;)

  4. Gammaj4

    Only if the explosives make it separate into individual clumps of bricks like in all those Star wars videos.

  5. Benjamin P

    You mean to say that this actor, who I assume has uber-amounts of money, didn’t pay for it himself?

    What a waste too, to be hacked away like that. (I like that one comment about donating the brick.)

  6. Peppermint_M

    @ Benjamin P: He’s a TV presenter, not an actor (Top Gear? the one who isn’t short, a non-believer in ducks or Clarkson?) it says right there in the article…

    I think it’s a bit sad that they are tearing it down but one had to wonder what they were going to do with it. I am more concerned about all the donated Lego that they didn’t use (like moon moulded baseplates!).

    I think they quite probably will move it elsewhere, it is too big a publicity stunt and both Lego and the vineyard would suffer a negative backlash if it was simply torn down.

  7. Jai

    A functional LEGO toilet?! How?! Also, wow. Also also, I hope they used smooth tiles for the seat. :D

    It seems like they could just leave the house there and declare open season on it for anyone that wanted to take the bricks (Or maybe they did, and that’s what they mean by “If no one collects it by 8am on Tuesday”). Or did they glue everything (I guess they probably would have… although that would have increased the building time, wouldn’t it?)?

  8. Tristan Amaya

    WHAT!!! What a waste a bricks!
    LEGO…. how could you bring such a disgrace upon yourself!

    And hacked to BITS with a chainsaw is not a very honerable death for our beloved LEGO…

  9. A Most Serious AFOL

    Maybe Lego would have followed through with taking the house if it wasn’t a butt-ugly, rainbow warrior, box.

  10. Brickwares

    Yup, stupid publicity stunt, stupid end. The house looks terrible, no style at all. If this was done right, it would have been built at Legoland, by Master Builders, and done right. Then people could wander through it.

    Why even do this? Is the guy a fan of Lego? Or just an attention whore?

    I’m guessing the latter.

  11. Hurricane

    Why not just have a thing where people pay $20 and can take as much of it away as they can in one load.

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