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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

Blacktron-inspired Angulus Armored Transport is ready for its next mission

Model-builder Spaceruner has been around the online LEGO world for years putting out updated or re-imagined versions of classic sets. His latest model is the Angulus, a unique twist on the old Blacktron II LEGO theme (and is in a lot of ways an evolution of his older Piranha model).


Many of the usual Blacktron II staples are here: the contrasting black and white color scheme and octagonal trans-neon-green cockpits foremost. What I appreciate most about this model is how modern it feels without feeling obligated to shove a bunch of newer parts into the build: most old-school LEGO fans of the 80s and 90s could probably duplicate the majority of this creation if they still have their childhood buckets of bricks.


We previously featured Spaceruner’s gigantic RX1 Behemoth, a truly massive tribute to the old Spyrius line.

Hell yes: the fearsome Lucifer-class Vic Viper drone

Marcin Grabowski is back with another angular starship- his latest creation looks like a scrapheap reject ready to take on the world.

Lucifer class Vic Viper drone - front left

Marcin’s starkly yellow and gray tubular creation was a contribution to the annual “Novvember” celebration of all things Vic Viper-related from the old Gradius series of video games (something of a rite of passage for LEGO space builders that just celebrated its 10th year). Up close this model looks like a gigantic mess, but when you zoom out and take in the whole drone fighter, the cobbled-together bits mesh together into a terrifying machine. I like the engine thrusters pointed off haphazardly in the shot below. I don’t know why Marcin named it Lucifer, but I’d be flying like hell away from it.

Lucifer class Vic Viper drone - rear left

This starship is another in an impressive series of aggressive, spiny sci-fi models that Marcin has shared online. One of my favorites is his Naga-class light starfighter.

One seriously funky starfighter

Like real-world automobiles, it is to be assumed that spaceship design will go through eras where particular colours and shapes go in and out of fashion. Well, according to Cole Blaq‘s latest LEGO starfighter, brown will definitely be cool again in the future. The rich chocolate tones of this creation offer the perfect contrast to the trans-yellow canopy, and the stripes at the rear add a nice little splash of brightness. Couple the striking colour scheme with some sweet curves and effective greebly details at the front and you’ve got a wonderful design which manages to look both futuristic and retro at the same time.

LEGO spaceship

Star trucking, across the universe

It’s always great to see a LEGO sci-fi model which looks vaguely “realistic” — ie. a projection of current tech or business activities into the near-future. With his latest creation Robert Heim tackles everyday interplanetary transport, and manages to do it in style. This Mack-branded space truck is a cracking model — all smooth white curves and engine grunt up-front, followed by a long train of cargo containers. The curve transitions around the cab are beautifully smooth — the sort of end-result that looks effortless but probably took hours of careful piece selection. Nice integration of the airplane cab and cement mixer parts — they look like they were designed to go together like this.

Space Truck 2

Defending the grey depths of space

In space, enemies can come from any side. And so rigorous armor is needed in addition to heavy armaments. Enter Patrick Massey‘s UNN-717 Olympia, replete with rows of chunky armor paneling and heavy turrets and a subtle submarine vibe (complete with rudder and diving planes). The nearly unbroken grey of the ship’s hull lends weight and scale to the model, helping it convey the ship’s monstrous size. And speaking of size, the LEGO model is no slouch either, ringing in around 3 feet in length.

UNN-717 "Olympia"

Take a luxury cruise straight into the enemy fleet

The latest creation from Quy Chau is an intense and visceral spaceship with an interesting backstory of a luxury cruiser redesigned into a military spaceship. While I do appreciate the imagination, this begs the question of why anyone would perform such a refit.


There are so many insane angles on this vertical spaceship, achieved with slopes and wedge slopes oriented in all sorts of ways. The builder leaves many technic elements exposed, which feels very realistic and dirty, without a trace of a luxury cruiser design mentioned in the builder’s description. The vertical shape and cylindrical parts pointing in all directions are an especially welcome breath of fresh air in a world (in a universe?) full of needlesly aerodynamic spacecraft.

M:Tron – delivering to a galaxy near you soon

The M:Tron range of LEGO Space sets released back in 1990 never made any bones about the utilitarian  nature of its magnet-laden fleet. It was all about finding innovative ways of lifting and moving its precious equipment cases around the galaxy.  Tim Goddard, whose space work has become a regular feature here on TBB, has really run with this idea of transportation.  He asks, how do you deploy your beautifully built M:Tron mech to the planet surface?  With the M:Tron Pod of course.


Having had a close-up look at this build at Bricktastic earlier this year, I was mightily impressed by the lengths Tim had gone to, to make his Pod hexagonal.  Of course it also has a fully functional hatch mechanism. Like so much of his work, it’s a splendidly detailed homage to one the LEGO Group’s most-loved themes.

POD opening

This vast LEGO space diorama is filled with amazing details and animated features

Sprawling across multiple base plates, this staggering LEGO sci-fi display is the brainchild of builder Marco den Besten. Taking inspiration from the Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun video game franchise, it depicts a bustling military complex and its numerous support vehicles, mech suits and space fighters. The glistening yellow, white and grey colour scheme, borrowed from a Nexo Knight shield, gives it a crisp and clean futuristic feel.

GDI(Gryphon Deepspace Initiative)

See more details and animated features of this huge LEGO space diorama

Bringing back monorail

It’s time to turn back the clocks, then turn them forward again, as we travel to a retro view of the future where flying cars totally exist and all mass transit is in stylish monorails like this sweet LEGO version by Tammo S. With nifty brick-built lettering adorning the sides and a crazy bit of fantastic retro aesthetic with a prop and fins on top, this monorail is ready to guide us to the future. While my favorite design element is the rounded corners of the passenger windows, don’t overlook the fact that the cockpit is built at a crazy angle, which is no mean feat.


Built with ridiculous speed in mind

Described as the “biggest, baddest, most bulbous speeder bike”, by builder David Roberts, the Turbinia certainly lives up to its name. I’ve admired David’s work for a long time now, especially the way he mixes his humorous narratives with the knowledge of an engineering graduate. In this case the turbine element creates both the quirky nautilus-like shape of the vehicle, as well as hinting at the real-life mechanics of a centrifugal processor. Whichever way you look at it, this colourful model is a whole heap of gyroscopic fun.

Turbinia Speeder Bike

TBB Cover Photo for November 2018

This month’s cover photo is brought to us by Devid VII. The scene, which features a lone spaceman in a hangar bay. Devid’s shot was taken while he was still building the setting for his final presentation of the awesome maintenance mech we featured, but what drew us to this work-in-progress scene is how well it highlights Devid’s meticulous detailing on the background.

Supervising the part not yet finished

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To felinity and beyond!

Cats are curious creatures and sometimes like to “help” with LEGO building projects. The results can be devastatingly cute, such as this photograph of a tiny kitten ready to take flight in a LEGO model built by MiniGray. The build itself is a nice example of futuristic aircraft with a large cockpit for special pilots of the furry kind. If you plan on sharing this image with your friends, brace yourself for a barrage of “AWW!”