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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

Build your own Blacktron Rectifier to prevent robot turtle supremacy [Instructions]

We all know that Peter Reid’s robot turtles are cute in their unarmed state, but they have been becoming increasingly heavily armed and dangerous. When robot turtles undergo a population explosion and arms race, it is inevitable that other cute robots will suffer. To address this robotic imbalance, Luc Byard has designed the Blacktron Rectifier, a scorpion-like mecha that will help to calm those little turtles into submission.

Blacktron Rectifier

Luc has kindly provided a parts list and breakdown instructions to build your own Rectifier.

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What do you get when you cross an X-Wing, a Y-Wing, and an A-Wing?

This Onith-Wing Starfighter by Ted Andes is so sweet that I think it should be woven into a Star Wars movie. It’s seriously that good — it has all the right elements that make it believable, with both the contours and the lovely muted grey, dark red, and white theme. It reminds me of a cross between a Y-wing with the modified engines of X-Wings with some A-Wings thrown in for good looks. The build is almost without any visible studs to give it smooth and clean lines.

Onith-Wing Starfighter

While it seems that this beauty would not pack sufficient firepower to bring anything down, the underbelly sports a couple more hidden cannons.

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Let’s crack it open and see what happens

When you stumble across some sort of alien pod embedded in the ground, the obvious choice is surely to open it. I mean, what could go wrong? Devid VII‘s LEGO scene doesn’t illustrate the consequences of the choice made by this pair of foolhardy characters, but I can’t imagine it’s going to end well. At first glance this scene might seem simple, but then you spot the landscaping — built using the 6-sided “Nexogon” piece. It’s a wonderfully alien-looking crystaline structure, and coupled with the twisting foliage and purple pool, it creates an appropriately other-worldly atmosphere.

Probably a bad decision...

Sometimes even an invisible creation can be good

Transparent clear is definitely not a rare LEGO colour, but the pieces that come in clear tend to be ones appropriate for windows and similar constructions. Apparently disagreeing with that, Grantmasters has built a stealth Predator figure using as many translucent parts as possible, and even the odd gray elements do not stand out somehow. While we wait for LEGO to release more diverse parts in translucent colours, this figure transpires to be one of the more impressive in its scale.

Jungle Hunter

Photographing LEGO in a non-LEGO environment may be viewed as cheating by some, but I believe it adds a lot to the character in this specific example.

Supercute and superfast

Here’s a pair of cute and colourful microscale LEGO space racers from Victor. Great shaping, partly due to them being built around one of the new(ish) large-scale Nexo Knight figure torsos, but also from some smart parts choices — small angled plates, sloped tiles, and some curved Technic panels. The colour choices are brilliant, making these guys stand out from the usual crowd of grey spacey stuff. And I love the slight angle on the hull beneath the cockpit — that’s a class little detail. These wouldn’t look out of place in an R-Type or Gradius clone, and in my universe that’s a compliment indeed.


Black and white and rad all over

NoVVember is an annual LEGO building event — a celebration of the Vic Viper spaceship style. It’s been a fixture of the LEGO calendar for years now, so it takes something genuinely different to stand out from the Viper crowd. This interesting spaceship from Shamisenfred does exactly that, with striking colour blocking and imaginative use of hot-air balloon pieces. The excellent building continues beyond those eye-catching elements — don’t miss those engine nacelles, the little splashes of gold, and the smart use of stickers. I only wish the photos had been taken against a grey backdrop rather than white — it would have provided a far better contrast to the model.

"SHOGUN" VV racer

Another beautiful day on Planet ABS-1139

It can be lonely manning an outpost on a new planet, but this LEGO creation by Sad Brick makes it look downright relaxing. With lots of samples to collect, and equipment to maintain, it’s important to take a moment to look around and remember how crucial your work is to the future of humanity. A helpful robot to lend a hand makes the work go smoothly.


Harvesting the worlds of space

The end of the annual SHIPtember build challenge need not portend the end to excellent large-scale LEGO spaceships. Rat Dude also proves that gray need not be the only utilitarian color for LEGO spaceships with the Yaga Ni’Kurwa in gorgeous blue and brown. The spots of red, orange, and yellow certainly add visual interest, but the designs are actually quite complex — particularly the sheaf of wheat indicating the vessel’s role in interstellar agribusiness.

Yaga Ni'Kurwa by Rat Dude on Flickr

It’s unfortunate that the builder has only posted this one photo — I want to see the massive engines on the back that power this grain freighter through the stars.

The Seraph shines as one with the stars

November, more so in the northern hemisphere, is a month of foggy mornings, rainy days and… Vic vipers? Indeed, every year the LEGO community on Flickr celebrates the most popular standardized spaceship format in the LEGO fan circles. While people have different views on what a Vic Viper should be and what they like or dislike about it, we still have dozens of these sleek spaceships swoosh through NoVVember every year. This year does not seem like it will be any different, so expect many more Vic Vipers on The Brothers Brick in the next few weeks.

VV17 - "Seraph"

“Seraph” is one of such aggressive, fast looking spaceships we all love and Sam Malmberg‘s contribution to the 2017 NoVVember project. It uses a very pleasing colour scheme with nice contrast in its front prongs — not only contrasting in colour, but in style too, giving a bare-bone alternative to the otherwise smooth and streamlined areas. The cockpit deserves some attention too; not only has Sam achieved a nice bulbous effect with combining two different windscreen pieces, but the insides contain some neat details too.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Soyuz flight with a stunning minifig-scale version of the legendary spacecraft

Japanese builder KEI ABE isn’t just an expert on the history of early space exploration, but also nails the construction of Russian Soyuz spacecraft in LEGO bricks. He started this amazing set back in March, and now a whole fleet of Soyuz ships is ready for countless space missions.

Minifig-scale LEGO Soyuz-0

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A stellar recreation of the Stellar Recon Voyager

Recreating classic LEGO sets is a popular theme in fan creations—most notably so in the Classic Space theme, but other space themes see revivals also. This time the set to receive the treatment is Alec Hole‘s rework of the 6956 Rescue Star Cruiser from M-Tron (also known as Stellar Recon Voyager in the USA).

Neo 6956 lower view

Alec has rebuilt the classic 90s set very faithfully, while keeping his own building style plainly visible. The general shapes and details are there, from the supported black wings to the mesh elements on the sides of the cockpit. My favourite parts are the thrusters, as well as the Nexo Knights shield tile pieces used as texture on the wings. And with M-Tron being short for Magnetron, of course there’s lots of magnets.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

This space vessel by Rat Dude is half clean geometric lines, half slimy LEGO tentacles. Which makes complete sense, obviously, because according to the builder, this is a Terran freighter corrupted by an alien species, now used to harvest human souls.


Look closely and you’ll notice a ton of interesting details, such as the dual triangular exhausts, the bright green Technic panel support beams, and the proboscis-like rudder filled with dangling ribbed hosing (presumably, this bit facilitates the soul harvesting).