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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

Meanwhile in Valles Marineris

Sometimes it’s the smallest-scale LEGO building which best illustrates the most epic themes. In this cool little diorama, David Zambito depicts the early phases of humanity’s colonisation of Mars. Well, at least I assume it’s Mars because of the use of all those lovely dark orange pieces. The TIE-Fighter windscreens make perfect domes at this scale, and I like the stacked binoculars as refinery towers. The tiny rovers are cool, and the asymmetrical base adds a heap of character and visual interest. But it’s the use of minifig woollen hats as outlying domed buildings which caught my eye — nice touch.


LEGO Space builders take over the moon [Interview]

This year’s season of LEGO shows in the UK saw a massive collaborative moonbase display, from some of the UK’s best-known and most talented builders. The model was absolutely enormous, 2.5m square, featuring a huge tower and multiple compartments. It was built with more than 50,000 bricks…

Collaborative Space Base build

The moonbase plays host to an impressive collection of landing pads, with Neo-Classic spaceships and rovers of all shapes and sizes…

Collaborative Space Station – top section, view 2

But below the lunar surface, there is even more action going on, with dozens of cutaway compartments and corridors, stuffed with lighting effects, motorised elements, and cool building techniques…

Vehicle Bay by Peter Reid and Jason Briscoe

Brothers Brick caught up with Jason Briscoe, one of the collaboration’s organisers, to find out more…
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“What happened to your lights? and...blueness?” “I’m too cool for those now”

While I haven’t seen it yet, the new movie Blade Runner 2049 does look quite awesome. However, I will admit I was a bit disappointed when I saw the new spinner sans all blueness and police lights, to me there’s nothing cooler than a white and black (or blue in this case) speeding down the road lights flashing, sirens blaring. Nonetheless, Marius Herrmann has done an amazing job building the new spinner in LEGO form. I love the unusual use of cut fiber optic cable as lights on the front nacelles.

Spinner (from "Blade Runner 2049")

The builder also managed to take a scene from the trailer, and using Photoshop, remove the real spinner and person from the scene, replacing it with his own. The result looks fantastic and could easily be mistaken for a real life setup.

Spinner (from "Blade Runner 2049")

LEGO Ideas 21312 Women of NASA unveiled [News]

Back in February, we shared the news that LEGO Ideas chose Maia Weinstock’s Women of NASA project as one of their newest additions to the LEGO family. Today, LEGO is unveiling 21312 Women of NASA, available November 1. The primarily minifigure set has 231 pieces, and will retail for $24.99 USD.


The model, similar to LEGO Ideas 21110 Research Institute, includes four minifigures based on real-life NASA pioneers: astronomer and educator Nancy Grace Roman; computer scientist and entrepreneur Margaret Hamilton; astronaut, physicist, and entrepreneur Sally Ride; and astronaut, physician, and engineer Mae Jemison.


21312 Women of NASA also includes three mini-builds illustrating three areas of science including programming software for the space program, a model of the Hubble Space Telescope and a mini Space Shuttle Challenger with three removable rocket stages


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The future of details is now

There are times when a LEGO creation is futuristic because it is a spaceship, robot or another sci-fi element. There are other times, when the build itself is futuristic in its construction techniques and concepts. This spaceship by Nick Trotta is one of the cases when these two aspects intersect. LEGO creations keep evolving and advancing with time and this one is at the cutting edge for sure.

Heavy Light mk/5

From complicated angles to unique solutions for round shapes, there is a lot to see on this little spacecraft. The best and most progressive parts, though, are the technical details like hoses and gears, carefully enclosed by surrounding panels. So many different colours would not look good in most cases, but Nick has balanced them into a pleasing colour scheme.

For more inquiring readers, the builder has a video showcasing his creation in detail.

To move space cargo, you need space freighters

Freighters are a not uncommon amongst LEGO spacecraft, but still notably less frequent than fighters – that is why they are always a welcome change from the usual militarized space genre. This time we can thank James Zhan for the refreshment, although the guns mounted at the side still hint at a somewhat violent universe.

light freighter

The cargo crate’s shape and texture contrasts nicely with the core of the spacecraft, but I do wish James contrasted the colour too. As far as the freighter itself goes, it has a lot going for it. The rounded shape, while simply constructed, is pleasing to the eye and the body is filled with different doodads and details to break it up without making it look too chaotic and scattered. The careful little hints of orange make an otherwise utilitarian colour scheme quite a treat too.

A symbolic spacecraft for the Horde

If you are unfamiliar with the source material for this LEGO model, the Horde is a faction in the Warcraft franchise, but usually has little to do with spaceships. The builder, Evgeny Susekov, does not specify whether he took inspiration from the game or just from the faction’s symbol. The builder uses every detail of the symbol’s design to add something interesting to the spacecraft; from the curves and side appendages, to the unique diamond element in the center, which is a cockpit connected by what appear to be energy beams.

YT-3540(S) "Horde"

The build is an interesting use of fantasy inspiration in a sci-fi theme. However, besides the shape there is not much more to remind us of the games, and it might have been good to include at least an Orcish pilot or many, many spikes.

Ignorance is the night of the mind, a night without moon or star

New Zealand LEGO wunderkind David Hensel is at it again with another awesome build inspired by the movie The Martian — the 2780 Moon rover. Superb shaping and a lovely aesthetic feel leaves me with the impression this could be a real rover. David has used fantastic lighting and a rumpled grey sheet to give the impression it is trundling along the surface of the ‘moon’. I love the clever use of the trans yellow cockpit pieces with the LEGO horns giving an organic curve to the angled pieces. Other features worth noting are the cool telescopic arm with camera and it would be remiss of me to not mention those gorgeous wheels using Technic pins!

2780 Moon rover

Swooshing through space at 100 studs per month

I had a friend with a dream to build a huge spaceship out of LEGO. One which would fit two classic LEGO standards: the famous Vic-Viper style, and the 100 stud-long SHIP (Significantly Huge Investment in Parts). I have yet to hear from that friend again. However, Matt Rowntree has taken on the same subject, and completed the job in a single month!

SHIPtember 2017

This creation is more than just two established building genres mashed together — Matt’s M-47 Bushmaster is the best of both worlds. A unique-looking SHIP, and a detailed Vic-Viper too. The level of detail is unsurprising considering the scale. What might normally be achieved with stickers is brick-built, and nothing looks overly bulky or out of place. You might wonder why a spaceship in a format usually reserved for micro- or minifig-scale is so large. The answer? It’s piloted by a technic figure!

Against all probability, a sperm whale is called into existence above the surface of an alien planet

SHIPtember may be over, but there’s still plenty more spacecraft measuring over 100 studs in length left in the sea. Feast your eyes on Christian Benito‘s fin-tastic, Spelljammer-inspired SHIP. In addition to a snazzy design, this beast has an articulated tail, exposed “rivet-style” studs, crystallization along the head, and a heavy-duty turret gun. What else could a space whale SHIP ask for?

Yris' Vengence

For more photos of Benito’s creation (including several interior and work-in-progress shots) check out his Flickr page.

BSL Marcus Garvey is orange for launch

October has started, but we still have much to cover from SHIPtember — the month-long celebration of building massive LEGO spaceships. This particular addition, BSL Marcus Garvey by the OG LEGO builder Keith Goldman is actually a recreation of a concept art by another builder.

BSL Marcus Garvey: Sketch View

With dozens of top quality large spaceships built in the community each year, it is hard to be original, but Keith’s ship excels at being true to the concept art, nailing a color scheme, following complex angles and textures, and leaving no boring spots whatsoever.

Scaled-up model of a classic LEGO spaceship

You’ll need to look a bit longer at this creation by Doctor Mobius to see that it’s not just a photograph of 6929 Star Fleet Voyager released in 1981. The set has been completely scaled up into a larger version and the exposed studs are actually build out of round bricks. You’ll notice the difference when you see the two models side-to-side.

THE Starfleet Voyager

Best of all, according to the builder, “because it was swooshable when we were both little, so it should be swooshable now that we’re both big!”