Massive LEGO spaceship is over 5 feet long

Canadian LEGO builder Jean-Philippe Leroux has built a massive LEGO spaceship with a suitably impressive name! The Empress took over 24,000 parts to build and weighs over 43 pounds. If you like sci-fi bits and bobs, The Empress has it in spades; so let’s look at the engines back to front. For sports fans its got minifig skis and snowboards. For the handy-folk there’s saws. After the robot arms, there’s stud shooters and the old 1×8 bar. Finally, towards the front, there are robot binoculars and zipline handles. And that’s just the engines!

The Empress

This ship looks good from any angle, and there are plenty more photos in the Empress’ album on Flickr, but we’ll take a look at a couple more here. From this top view, we can see plenty more details along the dorsal side of the ship. I don’t know what all of those wheels are for, but I love the huge pipes with manual cutoff valves down the left. On the right, mounted on the light gray rail, is what I can only hope is the Canadarm30 used to dock shipping containers to the hull.

The Empress

From this low angle, we get a good look at Jean-Philippe’s excellent shipping container design. Jean-Philippe emphasized real-world plausibility for The Empress, so we get large radiator panels between the two banks of crates. There’s even great details on the bottom of this ship; the repeated ribs are made from stud shooter triggers. All-in-all, this is a fantastic piece of LEGO building and beautiful ship.

The Empress

If you like big spaceships, be sure to check out the SHIPtember archives for more rocket-science LEGO.

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